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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Reservist-Monkey, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. I'll kick off with , has anyone had any grief from any of the newer staff down there about authorising training. It seems fairly rife in my unit.

    Monkey (R)
  2. Perhaps it would be better to ask if anyone HASN'T had any grief!
    I sometimes feel that they think we all got together in the bar and formed this organisation called the RNR, and now we expect them to train us. I can't help getting frustrated when legitimate training weekends are cancelled but calling notices still go out for Guards for ship launches (OK that one was cancelled) and Sailex's.
  3. I have heard of a few people being pulled off things and problems about authorising courses. I always have the urge to shout

    "I am bloody authorising it, now just do it"
  4. The FE for my spec cracked down heavily about 2-3 years ago on what kind of ORT training was permitted, and in fact from the year Officer & SR ORT is directed, not bid for - JRs to go the same way next year.

    Units have also got a lot stricter on prior approval for weekend training etc, all to do with insurance cover, budget control etc. May also be something to do with what happened at a northern RU when someone got told not to go on weekend training and went. Ended up with DNRes having to consider CM procedings.
  5. I was thinking more of training approved by the FEs being questioned by senior ratings in CMR and effectively declined.

    Ohhhh do tell!!! 8O
  6. Haven't seen that problem occur - yet! As long as training is on the Spec Longcast then its gerenally OK. Sound as though some people need to wind their necks in?

    I was trying to be deliberately vague here! I've heard several sides to the same incident and it's not for discussion onthis forum really - any more details and people would be able to guess the unit and personalities involved! I only alluded to it as I though it may have a bearing on your situation.
  7. Copied this from another Board:
  8. Not heard that, thanks GCYZ. Do you know what will happen to the SCC Officers?
  9. No Idea, but I suspect something similar. As SOT(R) has now become SO1 (OC)(Operational Capability), I assume SO(Youth) has changed title, but can't see him fitting into the Commarres organisation as it only deals with Operational Capability. Wish someone would let us in on the whole picture!
  10. A health warning to my knowledge on the issue... it comes via a friend who runs an URNU for which I'm trying to become a Training Officer, so it's all 2nd hand!

    BUT (that said) apparently SCC and CCF still come under someone called AD Youth who will not be ComMarRes, and their officers will remain (eg) Lt (SCC) Bloggs RNR. The idea mooted is, I understand, for URNU types to be Lt (URNU) Bloggs RNR. Like all these issues about reorganisation, it really needs a DCI or RNRTM to be written clearly and concisely. No chance of that then...
  11. I heard something similar re:URNUs, but only as an idea, not as a definite plan. Not that the naming of ranks/RNR lists etc makes any difference, BRNC pays for everything, so it'd just be a ceremonial change.
  12. Can anyone actually tell me what the URNU's are for?
  13. THAT deserves an entire thread on it's own...!
  14. Well, as a former URNU member I can cast a little bit of light on to this one..... (although it has to be said it is now 10 years since I graduated so things may have changed...).

    We were told the URNU's were not a recruiting vehicle (although people from my Unit did regularly join up) but they were supposed to exist for "political" reasons. So that when all us young graduates became politicians and captains of industry having influence over the armed forces we would look kindly upon the Navy.....apparently. Suppose it does give some young people more of an understanding of what the armed forces is about, and that can't be a bad thing?

    As for the training officers, well I have mixed feelings about what uniform they should wear. As far as I am aware there is no requirement for them to sit an AIB or Fleetboard, yet they are going to be able to wear exactly the same uniform as me (who has sat and passed an AIB and Fleetboard). However, I suppose that then generates the question of if they are not going to be RNR officers then what else can they be? They need to be put on a list somewhere....?
  15. net time you're feeling mischevious, ask a senior officer to name a single "captain of industry" or politician who is ex URNU. Then sit back and watch some masterful spin :)

    I'm ex URNU and did spend time helping at one as a part time TO. I'd scrap the system as it stands instantly, and would replace it with something more effective. (Lots of thoughts on this, but time limited).
  16. I for one will be glad to see clear water between the URNUs and the RNR. There are many more URNU officers going through BRNC than RNRs and so most of what the RN at BRNC consider to be the RNR are actually URNU. You would not believe the impression that RN Junior Officers gain of the RNR from this.
  17. That's complete bollocks. There was one List 7 acting subbie (URNU TO) out of our BRNC class of about 30 acting subbies RNR, and I don't think he was noticeably better or worse than the rest of us. In terms of numbers, Lists 1-6 must outnumber List 7 by about 10 to 1.

    As for middies and cadets on acquaint visits, the rank tabs are the same as the regular RN, and seeing as a quarter to a third of the RN intakes at BRNC are ex-URNU anyway, I can't see how there could be any confusion as to what they are. There are no cadets in the normal RNR and midshipmen are a rare fish.
  18. Jim30 has a bit of a thing about URNUs - I agree that they have precious little to do with the RNR but so what? They do their job (someone's posted their mission statement on the URNU thread on the SCC board and it's all to do with long term influence over "future opinion formers" or words to that effect) and we do ours. And never the twain shall meet....
  19. Granted BUT URNU's, SCC and RNR are all classed as RNR, therefore we have three different mission statements but are seen by those who don't understand the system as the same firm. Live and let live by all means but there needs to be 'clear blue water' ,for want of a better term, between the three. After all no-one classes sea scouts as RNR.

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