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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Reservist-Monkey, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. Now Commander Maritime Reserves has stood up, does anyone else feel that nothing has happened. 2SL as was seems to have put it all aside now he's got Fleet.

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    Apparenly he will be putting in an appearance at the RNR Conf on Friday - will be on the lookout to see whether he really exists....
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    Can you ask him if he needs several thousand 'R's from various rank slides?
  4. Re: ComMarRes

    An even more serious one to consider - when HMQ departs for pastures new, MOD will be bankrupt - it will cost a fortune for us all to be issued with new buttons, cap badges, rank slides etc.... The savings from your "R's" will go a long way to help - I believe it is 7p per exec curl.
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    Can I claim all that back then when I pick them out?
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    While ratings apparently lost their RNR flashes on No 1s at the end of Jan (according to stores), I understand the decision to lose the Rs for Officers has been delayed because of opposition from the Lord High Admiral, as her father was the one who granted them.
  7. Re: ComMarRes

    I hadn't heard that the troops had formally lost them. Not in any RNRTMs or DINs anyway. The only change I picked up from stores was that the new Ops badge was kicking off now'ish'.

    I heard from FORes that the Navy Board had to approve the change and it hadn't been run past them yet, but I suspect he was stalling us.

    I was 'advertised' as a foregone conclusion until the change over.

    On the bus...
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    I hope we can bin them sooner rather than later, going to sea in March and I want them gone!
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    I have to say Benno I have my doubts. The arguements have been made from the Duke of Westminster down but the usual naval shillyshallying seems to be the order of the day.
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    Much of it was driven by 2SL and his pushing for 'One Navy'. On several occasions I heard him get vocal about attitudes which highlighted the 'separateness' of the RN and RNR.

    As the RNR will come under Fleet shortly as an operational capability I can only think that this porcess will continue. Its been indicated that we'll move to a full time/part time Navy, with a natural movement between the 2 as peoples circumstances change.

    Losing the 'R's is all part of this. Someone told me recently issued ID cards for RNR only say 'Royal Navy' on them.
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    It is true RNRs are now being issued with RN ID cards, a new entry mate of mine is very proud of his.
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    Yes Benny. All replacements will be badged as RN.

    So get it in the tumble drier PDQ
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    There is def a difference between his attitude as 2SL and what Sir James is now saying as CinCFleet. I too have heard him eulogise about the one navy and career breaks etc, post TLB merger, it's his cash and he seems to be more resistant to change.
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    Benny, when I was in the RNR three years ago, I could have sworn my MOD90 was RN, not RNR.
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    Lt G - Around where I am most of them are 'Royal Naval Reserve' - saw one last year which had 'Royal Navy Reserve', and now they're coming through with 'Royal Navy'. All those mobilised on Telic had to hand their RNR cards in and get RN ones.
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    When I got mob'd I havd to have a RN ID Card - the best bit was they forgot to swap it back when I demobbed. After promotion, the replacement was RN too. Cost saving measure, me thinks :)
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    But as I understand it the new branch badge is RNR only and not role specific. So we can be identified as RNR but people wont know what our skills are.
  18. Re: ComMarRes

    Is that the new Maritime Ops one, that seems to cover half the specialisations in the RNR?

    Funnily enough, all the ABs on my last exercise (not Op) were issued RN tabs to replace their RNR ones.
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    I haven't heard of that happening before PT but is certainly an interesting step forward. I have been told by someone who probably knows, that we are the only reserve force in NATO so visibly different from our FT colleauges.
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    We're quite unusual amongst European NATO forces in having Reserve forces that recruit directly from the civilian population, as well as from ex-regulars.

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