Commandos to return to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. 300 Royal Marines from 29 Commando are to be sent on a third tour of duty in Afghanistan next September

  2. Unless the Royal Marine Artillery has suddenly been reformed, they are Army Commandos, proud to wear UBIQUE on their cap-badge. A small point, but one that is important.
  3. Royal Marines Commandos are already there, I know someone who passed the Commando course in July and is currently serving there, top effort Royal!
  4. As a proud father of a Royal currently in Helmand I can confirm that, stay safe all with 40
  5. Just 300?? think there may be a few more than that lol.

    And 29 commando are pongos and not booties.
  6. Welcome to RR mate.

    Respect and best wishes to your lad out there. Stay safe Royal.

  7. May they be safe! Our support to all those out there.

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