Commandos and marines

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by little_sh1t, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. How about instead of having just the Royal Marines Commandos, also just have marines.
    The marines would be the lads who go for training but just can't reach that commando status, they just can't pass the commando tests or something. These would be the lads who could do all the 'undesirable' specialisations like driver, chef etc.
    Those lads who could pass the test would then be the commandos and be the infantry in the units getting more experience in the GD role.
  2. They already have them they are called the Army.
  3. Talk about Out Pin? Hope you're keeping low Bisley.

  4. Think they used to have both RM Commandos and RM Light Infantry? Probably wrong however...
  5. the reason that they dont have marines and Royal Marines is that all those who serve in the corps are ROYAL MARINES first and formost.

    that way even chefs and drivers are trained to the same standard as the commando's themselves.

    if the brown stuff hits the fan, then even the drivers and chefs are expected to take up arms, and fight alongside their oppos, and know procedures.

    thats why the all arms commando course is there, to train the signalers, artillery, and any other forces personnel who wish to wrok with the RM.

    yours aye

  6. The issue here is not that there should be a two tier system - lets be fair there already is. You are not telling me that K1 has the same soldiering skills as an ML1? THe issue is the management of the expectations of young marines. If you join to be a steely eyed dealer in death, then find yourself on an S3 course then off to CSG 9 months after training then the Marines are asking for a retention problem.
    I think the Bde should radically re-align itself with a much increased capcity AACC where we can train all our sepcialists from the Army/RN up to a Cdo standard (As we already do) and the use those who have joined up as Marines as infantry. CLearly there should still be scope to transfer between streams.
  7. yes they were RMLI
    1755.04.26 H.M. Marine Forces
    fifty companies in three divisions (Chatham, Portsmouth and Plymouth) formed under Admiralty control, successors to Army marine regiments
    1802.04.29 Royal Marines

    Royal Marine Artillery
    1855.06 Royal Marines, Light Infantry
    1862 Royal Marine Light Infantry

    1923 Corps of Royal Marines
    (amalgamation of RMLI and RMA)
    1942-43 infantry battalions reorganised as Commandos
    1946 Army Commandos disbanded, and Royal Marines alone continued the commando role (with supporting Army elements)
    1947 three divisions reorganised as Groups
    1950.08 Chatham Group disbanded

  8. Anyone know a commando leech who left condor about 9 yrs ago ?
  9. Littoral,

    Good post.

    There has been a similar post recently. In the Army they join as infantry, or as specialists from day one. The RM seems to take the best infantry in the world, and then makes then chefs or clerks etc. Why not allow this to happen for those who want to (ie older infantry) but allow RN and Army chefs, clerks etc etc to do the AACC?? Surely this would greatly help retention, and imporove RM and RN links...
  10. Yep nice one Bisley .I am not going to bite at that ,we have done
    our time with 3 CDO in Iraq and the Royals Fecking loved us.
  11. Not to bad mouth people, as i am sure there are some very capable army/navy chefs, clerks etc but the reason some people join these instead of infantry units is because they can't make the fitness level necessary and have no desire to do so. People do not necessarily join the armed forces anymore to fight and do not want to be trained as an infantryman let alone a commando. So freeing up more spaces on AACC may not solve this.

    No harm in trying though, as many a booty who has passed out only to end up as a driver will attest to.


  12. Don't care what they are called, they play a lovely marching tune!
  13. Isn't that how it's always been ?
  14. The toughest men in the world wear 3 chevrons topped with a crown, and they provide the victuals for us mere mortals!

    Can anyone out there tell me of anyone who has won an argument with WO2 Cook?

    Even the Sneakies and the Regiment know their place!

  15. All Royal Marines are commando's. But not all commando's are not Royal Marines :?
  16. Pardon??
    I think that you meant to say "All Royal Marines are commandos. But not all commandos are Royal Marines"

  17. You could be right :!:

  18. Whilst I totally understand where your coming from mate, I have one thing to say:

    If it aint broken - dont try and fix it!!!

  19. RM bandies aren't commandos are they?

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