well had my first day of college back after christmas, went in thinking only 18 months and i can leave!
when i came out it seemed aeons away!
really thinking about leaving now, i know i should try and stick it out but that isnt working!


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safewalrus said:
May I suggest that you attempt to speak and write English rather than the gibberish you are employing to communicate at the moment!

That language is the official language of Great Britain and as such is the prefered choice of it's armed forces - especially the Officer Corps! Until you can master that I'd forget about joining anything.

Whilst 'textspeak' is useful at times and is used a lot by the old hands as well as you sprogs remember the majority of members (serving and past) CAN converse in English - if they choose not to that's up to them, until you reach the dizzy heights plain English has a better effect.........honest

(to all ye old 'ands, it may sound a bit toffee nosed but unfortunately it's true and needs to be said - I note neither of the above are attempting any level in English, which is probably more important than being able to tell anyone the square root of an onion! Well I think so!)

HCR - It seems as though you might have been able to read the above advice, and yet seem unable to comprehend the content.

The accepted use of the English language involves observing a few certain little things called 'language rules'. For example; Sentences and paragraphs start with a CAPITAL LETTER; being able to use punctuation and grammer, and verbs and adverbs; being able to spell words correctly by selectying the right letters and putting them in the right order ... And ... Understanding the meaning of the words used also helps to communicate in this beautiful language of ours.

So far, you have scored Nil Points on the intelligibility scale! Therefore, you can only improve!

Best of luck, and finally, why not think about joining the Pongoes rather than the Royals?



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nutty_bag said:
Give the lad a break, i think he gets the message. Dont forget we were all his age once.

We were????? :twisted:
Passed a lot of water since then! :roll:
Yeah, sorry, young 'un. You should find a nice, friendly corporal with a sweet smile, and nice, soft hands to tuck you in at night, whilst the sergeant will bring you a mug of tea and a slice of toast in the morning.

The nice sergeant will make sure that all your washing and ironing is clean and neatly pressed, and laid out prettily on the top of your posturepaedic divan cover ready for if God decides to pay you a visit.

After you have been gently woken up, you will be able to have a luxurious shower, with the water being regulated at precisely 4 degrees above the optimum body temperature for comfort.

Once you have dried off, the nice corporal will deliver your breakfast of whatever your favourite dish happens to be, and will then take you on a scenic tour of the area.

Part 2 of the day will depend on how well you treated the corporal!



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Honour_Courage_Respect said:
Bollocks too you pal lol, Im not that daft!
Shouldn't that read "Bollocks to you, pal! lol (Whatever that might mean!) I'm not that daft!"

Hey! Come on sunshine! At least throw an insult at me in English!! :D