Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Honour_Courage_Respect, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. hi guys, im v. interested in joining the royal marines and am currently in college studying a-levels. i want to get out ASAP though and was wondering if i should quit college! but would like any advice you guys could give me
  2. Depends what your A levels are in, if its drama, current affairs, or other micky mouse sublects then quit and join the marines.

    If your subjects are Maths, English or other subjects useful to your career then finish your A levels.
  3. hi
    im in my last year of school and am goin 2 join the marines at 16 have u got any advice
  4. Top tip to both of you, stop writing in text talk.
  5. ok cheers.
    well can u give me some advice please.
  6. ok, wel my a-levels are phys chem bio and maths but i really cant stand sitting around doing the same old thing. i was considering joining as officer but im sure a-levels would be of great help although not required for commando officer.
  7. may I suggest you come into the chat room one evening, we have some resident ex booties who are completely deranged but might be able to help.
  8. thanks for the invite, could you possibly PM?
  9. yeah thanks will do.
  10. Ermmmm given your sig why not try the chatroom we dont bite!
  11. No! I am a lady! Go to the top right hand side of the front page, you will see something like get chatting, press that, we are through that door.
  12. GET YOUR A LEVELS FIRST and yes I was shouting. The armed forces need well educated personnel. It will be easier to achieve your A levels before joining than after. Also with good A level results it may be that the RN, RM, Army or RAF will sponsor you through university and then its straight to officer.
  13. Good post Slim - I second that.
  14. thanks for advice guys
  15. well i just thought i'd let you know after getting tons of info from people on here and the chatroom for the time being i'm gonna keep up with my a-levels, however drop physics which will give me more time to do stuff i want to do. thanks for all the info guys!
  16. Have you considered the (RMR) Royal Marines Reserves, there are lots of students training to get there green lid that way, a bit of extra cash and it gives you an insight into the corps, then when you finish school join as a regular.
  17. no never considered it mate, until now will ahve a look thanks for that and if anybody got any info about it would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Don't drop any of your A levels. They are all well respected subjects. Lets face it you are only doing three and you are studying full time. Drop any of your subjects and I think that in tome you will regret it
    You'll have plenty of time to do what you want after your exams
  19. HCR

    Get back into he chatroom and speak with Nutty_Bag. Ex-Bootneck and top bloke - he will steer your right mate.


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