hi guys, im v. interested in joining the royal marines and am currently in college studying a-levels. i want to get out ASAP though and was wondering if i should quit college! but would like any advice you guys could give me


War Hero
Depends what your A levels are in, if its drama, current affairs, or other micky mouse sublects then quit and join the marines.

If your subjects are Maths, English or other subjects useful to your career then finish your A levels.
ok, wel my a-levels are phys chem bio and maths but i really cant stand sitting around doing the same old thing. i was considering joining as officer but im sure a-levels would be of great help although not required for commando officer.
may I suggest you come into the chat room one evening, we have some resident ex booties who are completely deranged but might be able to help.
Honour_Courage_Respect said:
thanks for the invite, could you possibly PM?

No! I am a lady! Go to the top right hand side of the front page, you will see something like get chatting, press that, we are through that door.