Commando Training School

Really enjoyed the first part i noticed the shock of capture was the same episode title as good old Chris Terrill used in his docs.took me a while to work out the DL was french.. 6 freaking weatabix aswell!good watch
I felt sorry for the guy that had been 'pressurised' into joining up by his family. I also felt REALLY sorry for Colin Bell - surely they could have let him continue, excema or no excema, as he'd never have been deployed. He'd have been too busy getting the CO's and other senior officers handicaps down!


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Froggy took one of my staff's, daughter's, boyfriend through training about 6 months ago.

He never seemed to stop eating!
He did have that 'sponsored by Greggs' look about his man tits.

(Fcuking hell Froggy, where did you sneak up from.....? Ohya.....not in the face....)


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I thought it was an excellent programme which was a masterclass in understatement & military wit.

It's appreciated purists will want to see more phys, skinnier DL's and there will be those who want to see more nakedness. From a recruiting perspective, it was a quality production - the telephones have literally not stopped jangling all bloody day!

For me, the highlight was watching the acid wit of the Corporal munching on an apple whilst disinterestedly shooting recruit after recruit down in flames whilst they struggled to report. Top viewing.

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