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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Tall_bloke, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Have just watched the DVD of the series "Commando, Life on the Front Line" that was on ITV recently. I'm just curious if anyone knows what happened to the bloke who was a stuntman before he joined the Corps. I think the show filmed him being backsquadded to Hunter Troup, but didnt say anything about what happened to him after that. The bloke was superfit and as agile as a cat, so it'd be a crying shame if he didn't get through.
  2. The guy seemed like a total prick, For me it would have been a crying shame if he DID get through.
  3. i agree , that lad gave me a headache
  4. was that the lad that put a complaint in about the officers making a game of back trooping lads?
    I thaught he got kicked out. But i may have imagined that i guess.
  5. Yes that was him. Wasnt sure if he was kicked out or not. Know he was intending to use the Marines to further his stuntman career, so wondered if he was commited enough to see it through Lympston.
  6. Yeah, he did get kicked out - a right tool who was didn't want a green lid for anything more that to progress his 'stunt' career. And what a stroker for making a complaint just because he got back-trooped.

    No loss
  7. Not sure how being a Marine would further his stunt career. Where in the RM Field Manual does it say "Set yourself on fire and drive your car off a cliff"? :afro:
  8. It says it in the RM pissing up manual though :w00t:

  9. You mean that is no longer part of the course these days??? :rambo:
  10. Actually he did not get kicked out, he did get through and get his lid, I saw him 2 weeks ago at Norton Manor, he joined 40, Base Company and did not go to Afghan with the rest of the unit.
  11. Hah! I was going to say, sounds like your average Thursday night down Union Street!!
  12. hmmm strange i haven't seen him there...but then i only use the gym there....

    i watched the said episode and thought the guy was a total nobber and then he complained...

    im surprised he didn't get a kicking.
  13. on the subject of that commando program. has anyone meet or seen that fantastic bloke on the program john terry who left because of his calf injury?
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So THAT'S why he missed that penalty... :oops:

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