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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by JutStar, May 12, 2007.

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  1. I have my PRMC on May 29th, i know if a pass that i under go the 32 weeks training. Completion of the 32 week training im placed into a Commando unit for 2 years, after the 2 years do i have to choose a specialisation or can i just stay in that commando unit or move to another commando unit.

    thanks, Jut.
  2. 32?


    Where did the extra 2 weeks come from then?

    You can stay GD mate but after 2 years you would have found something that you want to specialise in, believe me! :)
    ( Good Luck btw!)
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Been 32 weeks for a while - new kit, extra training apparently.
  4. :oops: :oops: Yeah well it was about 18 years ago I was at Lympstone :D
  5. I know i sound i bit to big for my own boots, but my aim would be for the UKSF. I've read up and been on the Marines website, and it has SBS as a specialisation. Can i put in a application for the SBS and after a few years prooven myself to be fit enough i can undergo the training or what?

    Thanks, Jut.
  6. Haven't a clue mate, but i'll tell you this for free ;)
    If you want to join the Marines, pop yourself over to the US Embassy and they'll sort you out.
    Ok then (And you will learn this as a nod) The Term ROYAL Marine is both correct, and justified. Only Royal Marines can call themselves "just" Marines, everyone else calls them Royal, for good reason.
    Rant Over....
  7. why the US, and how?
  8. Eh?
    Oh jeez :roll:
  9. Full of crap Lamri.

    If, like most of the people on here, you are worthy, then USMC and RM are just used to differentiate who you serve, and the title Marine is enough.

    The OP should have been given the benefit of the doubt, posting on an RM/RN website that they wanted to join RM instead of USMC.
  10. Might've known a Marine to say that rubbish.
    The term Royal was earned, how dare you suggest otherwise.
    He wants to become a Royal Marine yet knows nothing about their history, which is why I asked if he wanted to be a Marine or a Royal Marine, something you could only ever hope for.
  11. If I was you I'd just try and concentrate on passing basic training. If you manage that then wait until you've been in a while and got half a clue about what you're doing before you even consider specialising.

    I know i sound i bit to big for my own boots, but my aim would be for the UKSF. I've read up and been on the Marines website, and it has SBS as a specialisation. Can i put in a application for the SBS and after a few years prooven myself to be fit enough i can undergo the training or what?

    Thanks, Jut.[/quote]

    Don't worry, if you do come across as 'too big for your boots' there'll be plenty of lads willing and able to put you in your place. Trust me.

    There's more to joining SF than being fit. You'd have to do a hell of a lot to impress and be recommended. Gobshite wannabes with over-inflated egos are just the sort of people that they'll weed out.
  12. oh please. Lamri, the only reason why you have Royal in front of your name is to denote you work for the UK, anything else you want to say about it is trash.

    There are plenty of other RM's on here who give respect, the fact you don't means you don't know anything about your service, or about life itself for that matter.

    There are only 2 entire forces on the planet worthy of being called Marines, and you just brought your side down. how good is that?
  13. What ARE you talking about Jarhead?
    Go and take your head for a shit mate, you don't know WHAT your talking about!!
    The only reason I said to him about joining the USMC is because he said he wanted to join the Marines, not the Royal Marines, and I don't understand anyone who would want to be a Royal Marine and not know a bit about them. I wasn't putting the USMC down in any way, I could've said French Marines or even the Cloggies.
    Actually your right in saying that there are only two forces worthy of the name Marine, RM and RNLMC. USMC doesn't come into it if you are anything to go by.
  14. haha the old "i'm right, you're wrong, so get out defense"

    read what you said again, and realize that the only way it could be construed was an insult.

    if you don't see it that way, not my problem. but you might want to consider appearances more in the future.
  15. jars mate

    The name "Royal" in Royal Marines was only given to the corps after they had proved themselves time and again in battle.


    "The Royal Marines were created to be the Royal Navy’s infantry. The first unit of what was to become the Royal Marines came into being in October 1664. Originally known as the Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot, the title was changed to the Admiral’s Regiment. The title ‘Marines’ first appeared in records in 1672. There then followed a period when the Marine Regiments were disbanded and the reinstated whenever the UK’s overseas possessions were threatened".

    In 1755, His Majesty’s Marine Forces were headquartered at Chatham, Plymouth and Portsmouth and put under Admiralty control. The Marines remained associated with these towns for many years after this. In 1802, George III gave them the title Royal Marines."

    Now stop arguing or the pick helve comes out!!
  16. oh i'm sorry, i'm supposed to let some twat who lurks here all day long insult me?

    sorry nutty, but the insult stands
  17. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  18. Okay lads cheers for the info. This is my 2nd PRMC, 6 months after i failed my 1st. I'm fully determined and have a good knowledge of the Marines history etc etc, any more relevant info then please post it up.


  19. contrary to popular belief, i did some research before coming on here and i already knew that, ltcotb.

    if you want to let it die, don't bring reference it again, ok?
  20. Best of luck mate, it's worth it. Never give up.

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