Commando Reminder for tonight ITV1 9PM

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Harry_Masker, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. New series. Award-winning documentary film-maker Chris Terrill is given a unique insight into the physical and psychological preparations for war when he joins an elite group of 50 British troops in a 32-week training period for becoming a Green Beret. If successful, he will join the Royal Marines in Afghanistan and experience the same horrors of life on the front line as them - carrying a camera, not a gun

  2. only 99.9% will watch!
  3. Aye, if i get home in time tonight, its a must watch! Cheers harry!
  4. Looking forward to it..
  5. I will be watching hopefully a good insight,,....cant wait
  6. Ahh to be that young!
  7. That was an good show, mud runs look a bit dodgy though, I cant believe guys would drop out within 4 weeks what were they expecting BUTLINS, I would do 110% until the END, Them lads who quit should be ashamed complete wasters.

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