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Commando Raid on Loften (This made I laugh a lot)


This is a good read.

Although this is the entry for the 4th of March from the "on this day" site.
I howled. Very Blackadder. Ive copied here for ease

March 4, 2010
On this day ... in 1941 & Others

Five Royal Navy destroyers and two troop transports landed 500 British Commandos, Royal Engineers and Free Norwegian troops at dawn on the Lofoten Islands, in the first Commando raid, Operation Claymore. In the eight hours they were ashore, the raiders destroyed the oil factories on the islands (some 3,600 tonnes - 800,000 gallons - of oil and glycerine) and returned with 315 volunteers for the Norwegian forces, 60 ‘Quisling’ collaborators plus 225 German prisoners.


Through naval gunfire and demolition parties, 18,000 tons of shipping were sunk and the boarding of the German armed trawler Krebs yielded a set of rotor wheels for an Enigma cypher machine and its code books, a most significant haul

One humorous incident which took place was the sending of a telegram from Stamsund addressed to A.Hitler,Berlin, it read: "you said in your last speech German troops would meet the British wherever they landed. Where are your troops?"

The only casualty was a British officer who accidently shot himself in the thigh (nothing changes - Ed)

The link for anyone whos interested is.

:lol: :lol:


War Hero
Feb 25th 2010....last line

"an uncaring officer corps harbouring aristocratic British attitudes inappropriate to Canadian democratic sensitivities"


Lantern Swinger
Some of the tales in the "This day on section"......are really funny and gung ho.
All good stuff and seem to be well worth a look for the little known facts contained therein. Cheers. :thumbup:


War Hero
Sniffemout said:
Some of the tales in the "This day on section"......are really funny and gung ho.
All good stuff and seem to be well worth a look for the little known facts contained therein. Cheers. :thumbup:

Miers machine gunning suvivors and being advised by the Admiralty he really ought not do it again.

An absolute hoot :roll:


Lantern Swinger
I,ve been trying to find the source of a story which occured during the Peninsula War where a bridge crossing was deemed vital to the British Army, but not so by our allies the Spanish who determined to blow it up. The local British Commanding General simply placed a single Brit sentry on the bridge with orders to patrol his beat, which the poor dumb sod did...........the Spanish hummed and harrrd but wisely declined to fire on the bridge, the Spanish C.O commenting that even if he did so, the sentinel would not abandon his post. :) :) :)


Trog, try contacting Bernard Cornwall, the guy who writes the "Sharpe" novels. He is a boffin on the Penisula war.
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