Commando - On The Front Line (ITV1)

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by watch_and_shoot, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. The latest issue of the Globe and Laurel has been promoting this and the reviews are making it out to be a groundbreaking series. It was scheduled to start on 26th August, but I believe it will now be early September.

    ITV follows Royal Marines recruits in Commando series

    ITV is launching an eight-part series, which tracks 50 recruits undergoing months of gruelling training to become Royal Marine Commandos and follows them onto the frontline in Afghanistan.

    'Commando: On the Front Line', which will be shown on ITV1 and ITV4, delves into the lives and minds of the young men who sign up as novices, and are transformed physically and mentally into an elite force of specialists in expeditionary warfare.

    The series was filmed over a 12-month period by director/cameraman Chris Terrill, who followed and trained with the recruits of 924 Troop in Lympstone, Devon, who were seeking to win the famous Green Beret.
    Terrill and the recruits learned ambush techniques and carried back-breaking loads in the searing heat of subtropical jungles as part of the Commando tests. Terrill was also awarded a Green Beret and subsequently followed the men onto the front line and into battle in the Helmand region of Afghanistan.

    Some of the recruits featured in the documentary include Terry John from the Caribbean island of St Vincent, plasterer James Williams, ex stunt man Adam Collins and 17-year-old Jordan Slatter.
    In addition to the recruits from the 924 Troop, the series also follows the progress of officers undergoing training at the same base, in particular 22-year-old Second Lieutenant Bertie Kerr, who within days of passing out is sent to the frontline in Afghanistan.
    Kerr leads 11 Troop of M Company (42 Commando) and must deal with attacks from the Taliban and the death of one of his troops.
    Terrill said: "What I did realise when we were under heavy fire was that the Marines, probably like other soldiers, aren't fighting for a cause or a flag, a monarch or a leader. They are fighting for each other, for their comrades...for their brothers in arms."

    The eight-part series will begin in autumn with a one-hour introductory episode, followed by seven half-hour editions.

  2. Have to keep an eye open for that no can get ITV1 in Eire wonder if it will be on the channels up North.

    Makes a change from "THE MAKING OF A PARA"
  3. Im sure it will be on You Tube the following day anyway mate, so if you cant get it on ITV1 there is always that option. Failing that let me know and I will try and burn it to DVD for you.

    Apart from being a useful recruiting tool, hopefully this will raise the publics awareness on Afghanistan a bit too.
    It really grips my shit when Pete 'fckingcnutfacedjunkiebarsteward' Doherty is front page headlines because he's avoided jail AGAIN, whilst the lads out there fighting and dying for £50 a day are hardly mentioned. :rambo:
  4. Let us know when it starts! I will definatelt watch it. Chris T. also (I think) made HMS Brilliant and the programme a couple of years ago about Devonport. I look forward to this one!
  5. Ive just checked with ITV and they have confirmed that the series will now start on Thursday 20th September, at 2100hrs on ITV1.

    I know from the Globe and Laurel, that Royal and ITV were in talks about the naming of the series and there were some disagreements.
    At first ITV wanted to call it Sea Soldiers but then thought about it and decided WarCry was better.

    :eek:mfg: :slow: :jocolor:

    (Edited as I was typing with my elbows.)
  6. i read about this too in globe and buster, just hope our lads have more to do with the editing than the itv . hope it gets good press :w00t:
  7. I was thinking the same thing mate. I remember the cutting Edge Documentry also called Commando, that was shown on TV a few years back.
    Talk about negative press!! They interviewed a Recruit in the field, who slated the training team on camera for not being able to communicate with one another, showed the Troop Sgt beasing the lads but was edited in a way to make him look like a right cnut and to top it all, had a Recruit collapse on the bottom field - right about the time 3 recruits had died during training. It was a disaster!!

    However I think with the program director/cameraman actually taking part in Commando training, earning his beret and going out to Afghanistan with the lads, it will be shown in a much more brutal and realistic way.

  8. well heres fingers and [email protected] crossed buddy it looked good in the old buster :afro:
  9. Anyone know if there is a trailer out yet for this???
  10. Cheers Spenny.

    Not sure if I am in UK or Ireland at the time.

    That Doherty is one joke. It saddens me when I think of people fighting for their lives in hospital and these prats are taking all kinds of shite.

    Looking forward to this pgm think the last I enjoyed was the ML course and that parrot in the cage now what did he call it?? Typical corp humour.

  11. No dramas mate.

    Im looking forward to this one myself. ITV showed the teaser advert for their Autumn programs the other night and Commando was part of that. Considering they only include the best of what they have in this advert, they must have high hopes for the program.

    The ML course was a blinding series - shown on Discovery Channel. Ive tried to get a copy of that series from everywhere, with no joy.
    It was during the E&E phase when they caught that lad who put up one hell of a fight.......................didnt they subdue him with a rifle butt? Outstanding television!! :thumright:
  12. There was also a TV series called 'Behind the Lines' (or similar) which showed RM training.

    First episode was a crazy Bootie Sgt leaping from a cliff edge onto a rock pinnacle without a safety line. The other trainees were from other services that I recall (US Marine, & Dutch I think etc) who had to do the same thing but with a line - two failed to jump, and were RTU'd.

    Quite a good series, and an eye-opener, the only thing they would not show was the interrogation techniques..... I wonder why ? !!

    Anyone else recall this series ?

  13. That was the ML course fas as I can remember.

    Never knew two failed to jump?. Cloggies where there not sure about seps.

    The guy who jumped without the line was later mown down when overseeing a IRA funeral by the hearse in fact. His injuries meant he could no longer carry the heavy load required so he retired on health grounds.

    The cat sketch was straight out of Monty Python where the farmers wife was looking for her cat and one of the booties had the cat skin shaped into a hat on his head.

    Remember ***** lost his front teeth to a Para rifle butt when things got a bit exciting on the moors, his nose was rebuilt but he was still an ugly prat before and after. Mind his teeth where like stars they came out at night!!
  14. If someone could get this on a DVD or up on the net I'd be very very appreciative!
  15. The programs page on the ITV website (here) states that it Starts September 20th at 9pm on ITV1 and online

    It does not make it clear whether you must watch it live online or if all the episodes will be available after the showing on ITV1 but at least it gives those of you without ITV1 a chance to see it
  16. You are quite right. Chris Terrill did make HMS BRILLIANT back in the 90's. It did wonders for recruiting but the RN were'nt too favouable. The Jimmy at the time (Russ Harding) hated it and when he was CDR T at BRNC he used it as an example of what not to do when an ITV team made a documentary about Dartmouth.
  17. I was on the Brill when Terrill made the series. When the series was first shown we would all muster in the Keyham, to watch it on the big screen. There was mass disbelief at the way our lives and lifestyles where portrayed. Its an object lesson on how a films subject can be manipulated in order to suit the aims of the film maker.
  18. im really looking forward to this, however i am a bit apprehensive.

    the adverts look quite good but some of the press releases alarm me slightly. i just dont want this to come across like a modern 'bad lads army' or a parody of mitary stereotypes.

    the G & L did say that they were heavily involved in the film making process, and one would hope that they wouldnt allow bias editing etc. to occur.
  19. The video will only be avail to UK users on the ITV site so others (Eire?) will either need to use a proxy server or more likely get the BitTorrent feed which someone will no doubt rip if the show is popular enough..... Hopefully there'll be a youtube (or similar) port as well.
  20. I was on another Type 22 Batch 1 in the Adriatic when HMS BRILLIANT was shown and I remember the talk about editing issues, however I think the film maker has learnt some lessons as his more recent programme about Guzz seemed much, much better.

    It was very sad, but when on patrol off the FRY we would spend our spare time watching a video tape of the latest episode of HMS BRILLIANT doing exactly what we were doing!

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