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Commando - On The Front Line (2007) TV Series


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Royal Marine TV Series Commando - On The Front Line (2007) TV Series. This hard hitting series follows the Royal Marine recruits from day one of training, through 32 weeks of the longest and hardest military training in the world and then to the front line in Afghanistan. Chris Terrill embarks on a courageous 12-month journey to Afghanistan alongside Britain's most elite front line troops, the Royal Marine Commandos. A division of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marine Commando directs the most physically and mentally challenging training regime of any military contingent in the United Kingdom, and only the cream of the crop gets through. This eight-episode series provides fascinating insight into the experiences of the 50 new recruits of 924 Troop, following the "Bootnecks" through their hardcore eight-month training period, right up to their arrival on the front line and first moments wearing the illustrious green berets in combat. The transformation of the young men is incredible, as is the footage obtained by Terrill, who got involved side-by-side with the boys at every step of the way.


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For everyone who would like to re-watch Commando - On The Front Line (2007) TV Series, the full episode synopsis is below. Please enjoy.

Commando – On The Front Line (2007) S01E01 – The Shock Of Capture – Aired 20th September 2007 - Chris Terrill trains alongside other recruits as he hopes to make the grade so he can film the war in Afghanistan.

Commando – On The Front Line (2007) S01E02 – Carrot And Stick – Aired 27th September 2007 - After weeks of training the recruits find it difficult to make the required grade.

Commando – On The Front Line (2007) S01E03 – The Lost Patrol – Aired 4th October 2007 - Whilst out training on Dartmoor the team find themselves in a real life rescue.

Commando – On The Front Line (2007) S01E04 – Tears And Fears – Aired 11th October 2007 - When Terry John takes part in a speed march things don't go quite as he was expecting and he learns some harsh realities from the medical officer.

Commando – On The Front Line (2007) S01E05 – Enemy Contact – Aired 18th October 2007 - Halfway through their commando training, the recruits of 924 Troop are pushed to the limit prior to their deployment to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Bertie Kerr, just three weeks out of training, leads his troop into enemy territory.

Commando – On The Front Line (2007) S01E06 – Operation Sparrowhawk – Aired 25th October 2007 - Bertie Kerr leads his team into enemy territory and comes under immediate fire from the Taliban just three weeks after having passed out. More trainees continue with their training in the UK being pushed to the very limits.

Commando – On The Front Line (2007) S01E07 – Assault At Dawn – Aired 1st November 2007 - Bertie Kerr and his team continue to be in danger. The other remaining recruits of 924 Troop train one last time before being sent to Afghanistan as well.

Commando – On The Front Line (2007) S01E08 – Royal Marines – To Your Duties! – Aired 8th November 2007 - The final set of recruits arrive in Afghanistan where they join up with they join Second Lieutenant Bertie Kerr's men.

Commando – On The Front Line (2007) Bonus Episode – The 55 Year Old Commando – Aired 15th November 2007 - When film-maker Chris Terrill was shooting ITV's documentary series Commando: On The Front Line, the temptation to train alongside the young Royal Marine recruits was irresistible. At 55, he's more than twice the age of the Troop Commander, but with 11 marathons and three triathlons under his belt, Chris is, as one Royal Marine very rudely puts it, "a determined, fit old codger". After 32 weeks of training, there are four gruelling Commando tests he must pass in order to win his honorary Green Beret. And as he grunts his way through each of them, it looks like a hell of a lot of work just to get a hat.

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