Commando mortar question

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. just reading the excellent 3 commando brigade book and two things struck me.
    1.Some Vikings were disabled by RPG's when they struck the connecting cable of these as there was no money to get the titanium shielding,so all this tripe about the Government saying they all had everything they needed was just that,tripe on the face of it.
    2.The one that interested me was the 51mm mortar used there,all engaged with it loved the HE rounds and were fed up that they were being phased out.
    I know nowt about that mortar but I do know about HE so! why was it phased out?I hope it was for something better but the HE rounds seem very effective in the battles they fought.
    Just wondered what was better than lots of HE raining down.If you can.Cheers.
  2. The THEORY being touted around is that with the 40mm UGL (Underslung Grenade Launcher) on two Sa80's per section, they didn't need the Platoon Sgt (or rather his runner) lugging the heavy old thing around.

    THEORY mind you. It wouldn't surprise me that they want to keep it.
  3. TROOP (yes I was shouting :twisted: ). This was the Army's doing. When the idea was mooted FLEET didn't agree and as a result the remaining ammo was allocated to Royal, then things changed...
    2 points, the 40mm grenade whether fired from an UGL or ALGL does not have the capability of any of the 51 rounds (and the ALGL can only be considered to complement not replace the .5), and any sub unit without ALGL will have that capability gap in the longer (inf) ranges.

    As an aside the 60mm has been mooted and that is another excellent weapon. Potentially, it also allows a pooling of organic weapons to vastly increase a unit's combat power for a given op.

  4. Deepest apologies IMD, I was RAC so it was still a troop to me then but to me anyone who walks does so as part of a 'platoon' :p

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