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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Andy_Pandy, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Its back this Sunday on ITV4
  2. i prefer Ultimate Force myself
  3. I watched this one as I missed this particular episode last time around.

    It was good to watch and it brought back some memorable times from basic training.


  4. Certainly makes one feel a little on the older side.

    However, at least their pits are cushier than ours were in Deal back in the 60's!

    Ahhh... fond memories, and all that. At least they didn't have to contend with the Churchill Club on a Saturday night - and no I didn't know that she was married to one of the PTI's.

  5. What was a submariner doing at Deal? Nice to know though, I was there in 74 for phase 1 of booty training before going to CTC in 75. I remember being on my hands and knees every night polishing those bloody wooden floors and corridors which seemed to go on for miles. The next time I was there was with C coy 40 for Maritime Counter Terrorist training, this before Commachio coy came into being. They had erected scaffolding on the pitches and we spent a week scaling them through a variety of methods.

    I had a good friend in Ipswich who was the bootneck working with the horses in the stables. He may have been there the same time as you. He used to be a pro rider before joining. Name of Peter. He married a gorgeous wren writer called Patricia and who used to always get invites to the officers mess for drinkies.

    I must go back there for a look around one day. :thumright:
  7. ex RD, It must have looked like something out of a crazshy Dutch porn film when he had you around his neck! :w00t:
  8. Probably did, the fat bastard!!
  9. Don't mention the ferkin nags, please! It were big and white - they called it a grey, but it was whiter that either my immaculately blanco'd belt or my face - it had nostrils like twin exhausts and blew flames through them at me at intervals. It looked down at me through the most evil, jaundiced yellow eye that I have ever seen in my life, and I knew from that moment on it didn't like me!

    Yes of course that heap ofa hundred Frenchmen's dinners knew what it was doing - it did it every day, and was oblivious to loud noises, bangs, crashes and the like ... anyway, that's another dit for another time.

    Mick & Taff, the Joneses just laughed

    I love horse meat - fried with onions!

    Must correct you about your unwarranted impression that I was a 'Stinky', although I now have an occasional contact with the Submariners Association, it is mainly confined to their annual Remembrance Day Service in Blyth, which used to be the main training base for them through both WWI &WWII.

    Apart from that, they were just a part of the Grey Funnel Taxi Service, whose sole purpose in life was to get us to where we wanted to be - and be there to get us back again! Sometimes!!

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