Commando injured in Afghanistan has no regrets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. A commando who lost an arm and both his legs in Afghanistan 'has no regrets.

  2. I have seen this proud young man on the television, he is a credit to himself his parents and the Royal Marines and an example to us all as where guts and determination in the face of adversity are concerned.
  3. i totally agree finknottie
  4. That is one hell of a man and as good an example / inspiration to us all as we'll ever find. Think of this man when you think you've had a bad day !

  5. a great example of the commando spirit.
  6. Because this is whats expected of him.

    You can bet your life he is crying his heart out inside.

    God bless him.
  7. Much respect and admiration for you, Royal. BZ
  8. Bollocks!
  9. No, finknottle is bollocks.

    Of course it's what is expected of him, do we all expect that he will spend the rest of his life whinging? don't be so stupid.
  10. It probably reflects the ethos which is part of the service which he signed up for and trained as a part of. Yes there is an expectation that he'll say that, we are an all volunteer force after all.
  11. Neither of you seem to have any understanding of courage and determination, it may well be what is expected of him by people who have no experience of such things but that does not mean he has to perform for them and his courage and determination certainly puts your whining wimpy Royal Naval rating (as seen on ‘warship’) to shame.
  12. I am sorry you have debased this thread with your senseless expletive and personal villification. By your own admission, you have never seen action and thus have "no experience of such things" yourself; yet you are frequently the first to pass judgement on the behaviour of those who have found themselves in frightening circumstances. Courage is facing fear and overcoming it. However, this doesn't stop people feeling frightened and, believe me, everyone feels frightened under certain circumstances. For some of us like Slim and others, it is entirely possible to admire Marine Ormrod's public attitude while having some small inkling of how he actually feels. If you don't understand this, you have no right to criticise those who do.

    If we ran a poll about who whines and whinges on these forums about the unfairness of life more than anyone else, I have a fairly good idea who would come out tops.
  13. Given your own twisted view of the world that probably constitutes a glowing recommendation. You'll note that I commented on the ethos that we develop in our people (generically), not the individual.
  14. Once again you have failed where attention to detail is concerned and now you seem to have set yourself up as an armchair psychologist.

    Debasing the thread you say, I suggest your read and attempt to absorb my earlier post.
  15. Yes the whole country has seen how successful you are in instilling that ethos in your RN people. :roll:

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