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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Blake29, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Could anyone please give me info on the training pipeline for this sector? Thanks:)
  2. What are planning on doing, flying them or mending them?
  3. She wants to be a pilot; @Blake29 - have you tried using the search function, plus I'm pretty sure there are generic threads on joining as an Officer and the process, including some of your training.
  4. Flying, for my sift interview im required to know my desired jobs training pipeline
  5. @alfred_the_great i have had a quick skim through the searches but cannot seem to find anything on this, perhaps i have posted in the wrong area? New to the site so trying to get the hang of it!
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    @Blake29 because you are from Weymouth and that's enough handicap for anyone .... try typing Helicopter Pilot in the search box. You can ask to be a Junglie but that doesn't mean that that is what you will get. Good luck
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  7. Live in weymouth, from kent originally so does that lessen my handicap?
  8. However thanks, i will try that
  9. Surly going to the AFCO and later the AIB and saying you want to fly junglies does not show ambition. I suspect the RN is looking for people who's ultimate goal is to be the best and fly JSF, if you don't make the grade then helicopters are next. I'm not undermining the role of Helicopter pilots by the way.

    We had an AEM on 899 who wanted to transfer to the crabs to fly Hercs. He was told under no circumstances that he should mention this and his ultimate goal is to fly Typhoon. He became an ops officer in the end.

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  10. Blake29,

    I think you should read up about the service so you have an understanding of what a WAFU does.

    The reason I'm saying this is the pipeline for the CHF is a sub section of the holistic pipeline for a pilot.
    Eg. After you do your warfare modules and proceed to WAFU top secret Topgun camp where you branch out into your specialties depending on demand/grade from EFT = RW/FW - then go into your OCU.

    CHF, is a RW specialty that is now making a transition from Seaking Mk4 to the old crab Merlin. So the CHF pipeline has changed, the Seaking OCU stopped in 2012? ( not too sure) Now trainee CHF pilots go Benson.

    However for your sift/AIB I take it you'll be asked about the holistic pipeline of a pilot, not just the CHF one. Eg. For FW, Grading, EFT, Linton, Valley - T1/T2, Goshawk/Harrier/Typhoon depending on demand/space.

    So, as you can see, I'm a bit confused about what you're asking. From your question it sounds like you're wanting the modules of the Benson pipeline?
  11. Thankyou for your info, and apologies that i was not very clear

    I am pretty set that i would like to e part of the RW branch, as i want to be part of the roles they undertake (RM ferrying, counter-piracy, aid etc)

    I have spent some time at yeovilton visiting most the units and they really sold it to me, and believe i would be most useful there as there are not many FW NAS (although it would be good to have a go on the new F-35s)

    One question ive seen asked is about the training pipeline for your branch, so am unsure how much detail i need to go into, wether i need to know sqn or just general RW pipeline, but any info is useful
  12. Blake29,

    You don't generally get a say on whether you go FW/RW. It's calculated on how well you have improved and performed during EFT ( maybe even Grading too) and the demand/space there is within the service.

    To simply say you don't want to go FW means you're closing the opportunity for 50% of the pipeline, the exact 50% where the RN wants to expand, does that make you sound like a good investment? And you don't simply 'have a go' on the new F35s, it's years of stress and training through a mind-numbing amount of hurdles before you can get into the cockpit and turn one on..

    I think you're being too fixated on being aircrew and their 'main role', you need to look at the bigger picture. Pilot/Observers are Officers who just happen to fly, where will they be when they gain promotion, what positions are they looking towards when they leave the flying role, what's about to come into service, what modules do they take in their pipeline to will aid their future prospects.

    I was told this, If you want a career as a career Lieutenant and flying for your lifetime...go join the RAF. The RN is looking to expand.
  13. Hmm, I'm not quite sure that "50%" is quite true. There will always be many more helicopter pilots than fast jets pilots in the RN, simply because of the way the Fleets work out. Cdo Merlin, ASW Merlin, ASaCs Merlin and Wildcat will significantly out-number F-35, at a ratio of at least 6:1, not including that some of those airframes are double piloted, so you could go as high as 10:1.

    I know some F/A-18/GR9 pilots, and it is simple: if you have the natural aptitude for F-35 you will be selected. There is very very little you can do to improve your chances, some people have the skills required, the great majority don't. Saying you want to go helicopter pilot in the RN will not close any doors, nor will it have an adverse effect on your career.

    If you want to stay frontline, yes, life in the RAF is probably much cushtier, however I have worked with a 52 year old pilot who has never left aviation related appointments (note, not necessarily flying) in his 31 year long career. There is now a defined career path for those who wish to remain in aviation to at least 1*, and possibly to 2* if you are very good.
  14. ATG,
    I agree that 50% isn't the true number, it was merely a reference towards the split in the pipeline.
    I was always under the impression there was always some sort of defined career path where the individual would be around aviation to a senior level eg. OiC of Simulators, upgrades, Wings of a base/carrier, Flight commander, MOD etc Unless I totally got the wrong end of the stick o_O
  15. There was, for a while, little chance of a thrusting WAFU to stay a WAFU without having to do fish head time. By the last couple of promotion signals to Cdr that premise seems to have gone away.
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