Commando dagger

My fiancée is passing out in a couple of weeks and has asked for a commando dagger as his 'passing out present' can anyone tell me where to get one of these from? And if you have bought one already whether they are good quality?

Many Thanks!
Probably you should be looking at a mounted presentation Commando Dagger, that you could put on the wall for example rather than a Rambo knife that will just get your fiancé the piss ripped out of him at a Unit.
Buy online from the RM Museum shop probably.
Or here.
Commando Dagger
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As above, the PRI shop at Lympstone will sell them as well. Dont bother getting one for him to sew on to his lower leg or webbing. You could also get him a bronze figure of a Royal Marine etc, depends how much Corps pissed clutter you'll want in your married quarters.... ;).

Now, on the whole Commando theme for your mans passing out parade, I'm sure you've heard of the term "Going Commando". Just let him know you're doing your bit for the "Commando Spirit" just before he strides out in his Blues for the Kings squad parade and see if you put him off his stride after being apart for so long.... :)

Good luck and enjoy the day.
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