'Commando Country' by Stuart Allen

Discussion in 'History' started by shellbackmac, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. 'Commando Country' by Stuart Allen

    Picked this up in Aviemore last week. It is the story of how Commando training was established and carried out in the Scottish Highlands in WW11 as the area was largely uninhabited, remote and provided the ideal harsh conditions for strenuous and realistic training. It is a good read and the story of how poachers,ghillies,artic explorers,mountaineers, unarmed combat experts, sports riflemen etc were recruited as instructors and provided a pool of unparalleled knowledge as to how to survive and fight in all conditions. Lots of stuff on Royal Marine, Army, and RN commando training and subsequent ops. The whole of Scotland North of the Great Glen (Loch Ness basically) was designated a 'restricted area' so as to keep prying eyes away from one of our main methods of striking back at Nazi occupied Europe during some pretty bleak times.

  2. Good find SBM. I will be ordering a copy asap.
  3. I think you will find there is a Memorial up there now to all these brave men,as it was shown on TV last week during that Ewan McGregor,Long Run series,its at Spean Bridge.

    Go to www.jamesgdorrian.com/Army%20Commandos.html
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    "In Memory of the Officers and men of the Commandos who died in the Second World War 1939 - 1945. This Country was their Training Ground."

    Unveiled by HM The Queen 12th September 1952, very nice memorial it is too. Link to Commando Memorial
  5. I was there in June,there's also a Commando museum in Spean Bridge.You can also go to the Clan Cameron museum just down the road,pretty interesting,this was where the training camp was located.
  6. Further to my initial posting.....The National war museum in Edinburgh Castle had a Commando exhibition with loads of memorabilia, biographies, films etc when I visited a few weeks ago, set up by the guy who wrote the book. Don't know if it is still ongoing but the museum is worth a visit anyway and you get into the castle and museum for nothing with your Forces ID.
  7. Do they look at the date on your ID :bball:

    I missed taking a pic of that there memorial on returning from working on the John Muir Estate on Skye the driver was a prat. I shall return as the man once said. But I think it is Port Isaac Cornwall next year to see where Doc Martin tv pgm was filmed. You have to keep them happy do you not.

    Only joking dear!!

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