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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Mix12, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Was looking at RN website and noted that Paul Bennett (former CO of Daring) has been made a Cdre and appoint commander UK amphib taskgroup.
    Any one know if top brass/headquarters are having a shift about or what. I'm wondering for my AIB. Just looking for up to date fleet data.


  2. Commodore is abbreviated to Cdre ;)
  3. Fixed! Cheers for letting me know.

  4. Broadsheet 2009 has all the senior appointments in it and reliefs nominated up until June 09

    The electronic copy can be found at

    although I havent been able to view this as it requires Adobe Flash which we dont have installed on board

    Just out of curiosity, when is your AIB
  5. What on earth is an Amphibious Task Group Same as Surface Ships Underwater Vessels Maritime Group Comprising DUKW Force LCT Force LSI Force Fol Boats and canoes?
    Just what is the gentleman (lady) in charge of?
  6. Commodore Peter Hudson CBE ADC (COMATG until he was relieved by Cdre Paul Bennet OBE on 6 May) has been promoted Rear Admiral and is taking over from his current boss, RAdm Philip Jones, as Commander UK Maritime Forces (COMUKMARFOR) on 2 June (link). RAdm Jones is to relieve RAdm Bob Cooling as Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff (ACNS) on 9 June. The appointment of Capt Paddy McAlpine RN to relieve the newly-promoted Cdre Bennett as CO of HMS Daring on 5 May was public knowledge back in January.

    For these and other recent senior RN appointments, see Service appointments: Navy on the Times website.
  7. But what are UK Maritime Forces?
  8. Apologies to everyone else!!


    Fleet Battle Staff
    The Fleet Battle Staff are currently one of the world's most advanced military planning departments, capable of commanding large multinational naval and marine task groups anywhere in the world.
    In today's ever-changing environment the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines, are required to operate in many different operational areas. Some of these tasks would include: deep sea (blue water) warfare, amphibious warfare, humanitarian aid and non-combatant evacuation operations. All of these require careful planning, co-ordination and execution. The Fleet Battle Staff provides the UK with this core tactical maritime expertise, which can be adapted to wide variety of situations. The FBS will regularly command task groups, often using the latest 21st century computing technology.
    Based in two main headquarters in Portsmouth and Plymouth, the operational commanders and their associated staffs combine to design and develop the maritime aspect of every operational plan. In times of conflict, or when conducting exercises, the staff will usually be found on board an RN ship using the ship's advanced communication systems to direct the task force. Furthermore, when necessary, elements of the staff will move ashore to see the final phases of the operation through to its conclusion.

    Commander UK Maritime Force
    The Maritime Battle Staff
    The primary role of COMUKMARFOR and his staff is to command UK, Allied or Coalition maritime forces, worldwide, when assigned under directives issued by CJO, CINCFLEET or other Commanders. The Maritime Battle Staff is a scaleable 2* operational command capability that can be run out fully under 2* command, ashore or afloat, or tailored to provide a command or support-to-command function at the appropriate command level and to scale demanded by the circumstances.
    World Class Maritime Component Command
    Rear Admiral Phil Jones is currently the UK's standing Maritime Component Commander, with an International Staff and a world-wide network of contacts with military, diplomatic and non-government agencies.
    Componency and Effects
    COMUKMARFOR and his staff provide formation level command. Internally the staff is configured for effects-based operations. The traditional planning sequence is underpinned by Ops Support that comprises a variety of skills and disciplines, including Information Operations, Targeting, CivMil Cooperation, Legal, Political/Policy and Media Ops.
    The OSG analyses priorities, assesses progress and ensures that the Commander is able to articulate his priorities at the Joint Coordination Board - the key decision taking forum.
    Maritime Expertise
    COMUKMARFOR provides, along with COMUKAMPHIBFOR, advice to PJHQ, through COMOPS, on the maritme contribution to Joint operations. He is also the CINC’s Global Maritime Adviser, contributing to the intelligence preparation of the battle space, wider regional engagement and theatre security cooperation.
    Balancing Capability and Delivery
    Whilst responsible for retaining core skills necessary to deliver a credible 2* operational staff readiness, COMUKMARFOR’s top priority is to deliver maximum effectiveness at the 1* command level. This involves preparing, validating and supporting the 1* Comds themselves, as well as their staffs, to deliver on operations.

    COMUKAMPHIBFOR General Description

    General Description
    The Commander United Kingdom Amphibious Forces (COMUKAMPHIBFOR) is the very high readiness deployable 2* Royal Marines HQ embedded within the Fleet Battlestaffs.
    COMUKAMPHIBFOR is a permanently constituted 2* HQ held at very high readiness to command joint and combined operations at the operational level. It is commanded by a Royal Marine Major General, and located in the Fleet Battlestaff buildings on Whale Island in Portsmouth. Commander United Kingdom Maritime Forces (COMUKMARFOR), commanded by a Royal Navy Rear Admiral, is co-located. Collectively COMUKMARFOR, COMUKAMPHIBFOR, COMATG, COMUKTG and HQ 3 Cdo Bde RM comprise the "Fleet Battlestaffs".
    COMUKAMPHIBFOR is configured and trained to take on several different roles. The HQ is capable of deploying as a PJHQ directed Joint Task Force HQ (JTFHQ,) or as a National Land or Maritime Component HQ. Certain roles will trigger HQ augmentation, particularly in the N1, N7, N8 and N9 areas. COMUKAMPHIBFOR retains the title of Commandant General Royal Marines (CGRM) and is the head of service for the Royal Marines. CGRM is supported by the Director Royal Marines (DRM), also located on Whale Island, who is responsible for the conduct of Royal Marines Regimental matters.
    Concept of Operations
    COMUKAMPHIBFOR can operate from afloat or ashore. Afloat it will utilise either an RN or allied/coalition platform such as a CVS, LPD or LPH. Ashore, with augmented life support, it can operate from bespoke locations, requisitioned buildings or containerised operational offices. Although predominantly RM, the HQ is also permanently manned with tied appointments from the RN, RAF, Army, USMC and RNLMC to ensure seamless execution of joint operations.
    COMUKAMPHIBFOR and COMUKMARFOR are equivalent in rank but have distinctly different roles and staffs. COMUKMARFOR and his Maritime Battle Staff are primarily configured as a Maritime Component Commander. Also, embedded within COMUKMARFOR is the Commander United Kingdom Task Group (COMUKTG) around whom a 1* HQ can be formed. COMUKAMPHIBFOR is primarily configured to command as a CJTF and designed to support a single 2* commander.
    COMUKAMPHIBFOR's Relationship to 3 Cdo Bde RM
    Although COMUKAMPHIBFOR has line authority to 3 Cdo Bde and remains head of service for the RM he is not responsible for any other aspect of the Bde's force generation or training. That is a FLEET responsibility. COMUKAMPHIBFOR staff effort concentrates upon its core business of forming an HQ for deployment on operations and exercises
  9. I'd have simply directed Norman to this link instead of playing into the troll's hands.
  10. Good point, was just a bit Peed off and reacted before considering the options!

  11. What on earth is all that gobledegook.
    How many ships do we have that all these COMUKMARFOR's can serve on. They must be standing on each others shoulders in Illustriouses Burma Road and on Flying Control. The Sub Continent's navies will ashortly have more ocean-going vessels than the UK but with far fewer Senior Ranks
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I would be interested to understand this obsession with "senior ranks". Its like a broken down record, but there must be a story behind it.
  13. It's his default mode - generally when the medication wears off :D
  14. I find it all quite invidious.Why is old Cmde Pete Hudson a CBE and an ADC ( Ol'Comtag) Yet Cde Paul Bennet is merely an OBE Is one Cmde superior from the other? Poor old RAdm Cooling's chest is unadorned. Why? Is he a bit Iffy?
  15. Well you have a point, consider his post above.

    in⋅vid⋅i⋅ous /ɪnˈvɪdiəs/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [in-vid-ee-uhs] Show IPA
    –adjective 1. calculated to create ill will or resentment or give offense; hateful: invidious remarks.
    2. offensively or unfairly discriminating; injurious: invidious comparisons.
    3. causing or tending to cause animosity, resentment, or envy: an invidious honor.
    4. Obsolete. envious.

    If I was brighter I'm sure I could make some suggestions about the use of this word in relation to certain personas!!

  16. Layaft - As you well know, decorations like that are earned for particular achievements - they are the exception,not an entitlement or even particularly common. You're clearly yet another Normanesque nutter, so can I suggest that in that brief period between when the public library internet terminal opens and the drop-in centre closes, you Google any time wasting questions rather than bothering us with them.
  17. well put geoffrey :D
  18. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    For those interested in COMATG you can follow the Flagship and her ducklings as we sail the seven seas.

    HMS Bulwark Web Site

    The CO's diary gives you an idea of what we are up to and if you go to the news section AB(CIS) Reid and his blog will let you know about AB2(CIS) Darbs plans to make WO by our return and Clarie's diet for the wedding or Beth's near death when white water rafting. Mind you there is scant information on the three AB's gash beards (as confirmed by Adm Sir J Band First Sea Lord)

    The TAURUS deployment can be found here Taurus 09

    COMATG is a one star battlestaff responsible for Amphibious Task Group Operations along with 3 Cdo Bde.

    If anyone wants more info on COMATG or LPD's PM me. Font of knowledge I am.

    Yours sunning it in Kota Kinabalu on standoff and SMP.

    PS I am not the PWO(A)/Guns of BULWARK in case you ask. I am however an officer serving on board. Enough people on here have guessed as much but I need to make sure the current PWO(A) is not tarred with the brush of my crap spelling and mistakes. Unless you are the CSA in which case go for him not me.
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Taurus looks a rough deployment mate, enjoy it.. :p
  20. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Sometimes you have to rough it for Queen and Country.

    Mind you 4 ASRM are current miles in the jungle sweating like a Bootneck at a spelling test trying not to get eaten by everything that moves, living on ration packs and doggy water whilst being shot at (blanks) and not a standeasy in sight.

    And people ask me why I joined the Navy and not the Marines ;-)

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