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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Himilco, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Could anyone please tell me what is the difference between a real Commander RN and one with (Hon) in the title. Surely one is either a Commander or not.
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hello Norman, fatuously parading his ignorance as usual, mods pse bin thread asap.
  3. You wonder why she bothers with it all :roll:
  4. Retiring Lt Cmds who spent most of their serving life at sea-Batchelor survey officers for instance-- having enjoyed no cushy shore jobs --so no brass hat.
    As a recognition they were often granted honorary commander rank.
  5. Norm by any other name.
  6. Didin't retiring occifers get granted the pension/rank one above what they achieved in service?
    or was that a sea story fed this young jack many moons ago ??

    And as a poser, if Sea Padres were, theoretically, one rank above everyone else - what did they get on retirement .... ??

  7. Whitemouse
    RN padres held no rank but assumed the rank of whoever they were talking to. This is unique to the RN
    They were however paid on occifers pay scales :thumright:
  8. In 1770 :-
    As a Chaplain he had received 3d per year,
    £5 /year for every midshipman on board,
    £5/year for every 1st class volunteer
    £20/year if his duties included being the schoolmaster.
  9. Himilco asks a question, an interesting one at that, and all of a sudden he`s Norman, do you have his ISP?

    Why cant people let them that know the answer, answer it? Or are you all knuckle draggers?

    Yours Truly,
  10. What has it got to do with you norm?
    A first post which caught my eye, answered by another first post which also caught my eye.
    Now stop effing moaning ALL the time and go find a NICE film for tonight, like Threads :)
  11. erm.Lamri.....are you not one that joined in the Norman Game? You should really read what you write, as for moaning all of the time, so fukcing what? give your face a treat and smile once in a while FFS.
  12. Erm, HTP, get someone young and intelligent to read my last post out loud to you mate, cos you're having an Alzheimers moment ;)
    Oh, and I smile at your posts all of the time.
  13. Norm by any other name.

    What has it got to do with you norm?
    A first post which caught my eye, answered by another first post which also caught my eye.
    Now stop effing moaning ALL the time and go find a NICE film for tonight, like Threads Smile

    Those are your posts.........and the first one says?

    Bollocks, you win , I can`t be arsed with people like your goodself.

    Strength of a Carthorse and the brains of a fukcing Rocking Horse.

    End Of.
  14. Like I said, those posts caught my eye (and looked suspect to me, not forgetting that I AM NOT a MOD on this part of the site)

    You called YOURSELF norm! I was just answering you in kind.

    That was a joke hig. Have you SEEN Threads?

    Whatever Hig, go down the miserable old feckers club if they'll still let you in. I couldn't give a toss.
  15. Lads; in our state of heightened Norm readinss, I do think we are in danger of inducing new contributors to bugger off. Hig T P makes a valid point. Can we forensically match the ISP?

    Let's ask first and shoot second?
  16. Dear ole` Lamri, i`ll forgive you.

    POL has at least got my point.........................i think.

    It just appears to me that when anyone asks a question concerning Officers they are immediately tagged NORMAN, the second post says ` Mods bin this post asap` Can i ask why? The question asked by Norm or anyone else can either be answered if you know the answer or ignored. It`s not rocket science really, If there are 41 Admirals to 40 ships, then what difference does it make? Someone can come up with a reasonable reply other than Fukc off Norman.
  17. I very nearly left this Forum never to return: the childish slagging off is really boring. :roll: To answer the question: officers who serve as an Acting Commander (or Lieutenant Commander or Captain) as their last appointment but who are not substantively promoted are granted the honorary rank of Commander (or Lieutenant Commander or Captain) when they retire so that they may continue to call themselves "Commander"or "Lieutenant Commander" or "Captain"). If they serve for more than two years as an acting Commander (or Lieutenant Commander or Captain) they are granted the pension of a Commander (or Lieutenant Commander or Captain).
  18. IF I have jumped early because of dubious first posts then I apologise unreservedly.
    But I have a suspicion of people that don't even bother to say hello before launching into questions. That (to me, at least) smells a bit of someone that has already been posting on the site previously, and the fact that it was closely followed by another (first) post on the same thread got my blood up :) Look at the join dates on both posters, it just seems a bit dodgy to me. Like I said, if I am wrong, then I apologise. As for IPs, it only takes a few seconds to see who the MOD(S) are for each forum. MODS can only look at IPs on posting in "their" own sections of the site, and have no magical powers outside of these sections, as most of you will already know :)
  19. To keep the unenployment figures healthy Dear Mr Brown continues to create more non-productive jobs in the public service. Deputy Chief Assistant to the Deputy Chief. Not just the MOD-- 'though they are expert at creating non-jobs.
    It boils down to economics
    Is it cheaper to create a post in MOD for an ex serviceman with four children to an imagined desk job than pay the state benefits he would enjoy for doing nothing? At least his MOD posting awards him a certain assumed importance in life. The employment figures continue artificially healthy Mr Brown will be pleased
  20. Could this be another Norman reincarnation?
    Same topic, same writing style, same gripes :thumright:

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