Commander Hugh Clark RN

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by timex, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. R.I.P
  2. Sorry to hear this news. Hugh Clark was CO and I was XO of Wilton when we visited Aberdeen where his father was a lecturer at the university. Hugh was a qualified Sea King pilot instructor but he was still a Lt, as were the NO and GO (both graduates) and me. His parents visited the ship and we were having tea in the wardroom together when he asked to borrow their car so he could show us around the granite city. I'll never forget his mother turning anxiously to his father and saying, "Do you think we really ought to?". Once a mother, always a mother. :)

    Hugh lived in a cob cottage at Breague near Helston and we once interrupted our passage from Portsmouth to Oban and anchored offshore to enable the non-duty watch to participate in the evening Furry Dance through the streets and pubs of the town.

    Quite a character and a thoroughly good egg. RIP.
  3. Just re-read the article, I think I've had dealings with him in the Super/Mega Yacht world during my time as a civi. His name does ring a bell but until I speak to an old boss of mine I can't confirm my memory
  4. Your right Tommo Skipper Sir Robert Ogdens Yacht, very famous racehorse owner!!! Their he is far right and his racing colours Voy Por Ustedes ridden by Choc Thornton
  5. I think it's the Prince's Yacht that rings a bell as I've had dealings with the yacht, I just can't remember who was the skipper at the time.

    This was going back about 5 years a go now.
  6. I served with him in the South Atlantic on 825 Squadron and also on 706 Squadron at Culdrose. He was a good CO. RIP.
  7. What sad news. We were pilots together in 824, and he was renowned for being "Clark without an 'e'", thus always referred to as Hugh Clarek. In charge of the aircrew rations, we were also constantly reminded that it was Not On to wash the omellette pan, another of his quirks.

    Odd little things to remember, but I'm very sad to hear so late that he has passed on :(
  8. RIP.

    I have taken the liberty of posting the sad news on the Aircremans Forum as there will be a few that flew with him during his career.

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