Interesting to see that the Captain of the QE is not an aviation officer (Pilot of recent experience) but a Penquin.
One would have thought the MOD would have read and know all about these non aviation carrier Captains and the cock=ups they made in WW2 through lack of aviation experience.

Promotion through age usual.:rolleyes:


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What total rubbish - he is the shakedown Skipper - he will do the first 2 years before the fighter flight is embarked - by then he will have been in command for nearly 3 years - so when they become fully operational they will probably have a new skipper


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The OP is assuming that lessons weren't learnt from a war that ended 73 years ago, with the commensurate change in training.

I'm assuming that CYNIC is Norman ;)


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Seems like a nice bloke as well - he was Reviewing Officer / Guest of Honour at my lads passing out parade at Raleigh.

(But I never said 'being nice' was the only way to get ahead in this mans Navy.)


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Norman ?...............................Have I bit ??
An idiot poster who thinks every Admiral/captain/senior Officer can only attain that rank if he's proved himself in combat, amongst many other drips about the RN.

His screen name was originally Norman but he re-surfaces time and again under different names but he's quite easy to spot.

Do a member search on Norman and see some of his posts, if you fancy losing a few hours of your life.


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It seems to have passed the OP by but the CO QNLZ is not who he (the OP) thinks he is. Captain Nick Cooke-Priest is an aviator.

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