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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by whitemouse, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Morning All !

    Been trawling through memberships of Naval organistaions, and come across this one:

    Command Warrant Officer

    When was this instituted, and is it something similar to the US Forces most senior EM rank ?
    What is his/her job in the hierarchy of the Navy ?
    Is it purely ceremonial or something else ?

    As WOs were only just being brought back when I left the mob, this is a new one on me, perhaps someone could enlighten me - maybe a current CWO perhaps ?

  2. All ships and establishements have either an EWO (Executive Warrant Officer - ships) or BWO (Base Warrant Officer - shore base), all commands have a WO such as FOSM (as he used to be known) and the senior one is 1SL's whipping boy, the Command Warrant Officer. the present CWO is a WO Cox'n who I happen to know.

    It's jobs for WO's tbh and a lot of submariner cox'n's end up as surface ship EWO's and they all get a nice stick to carry around with them.
  3. Wrecker,

    BBC News - Prince Philip receives Navy title for 90th birthday

    I'd assume that the WO there is that senior CWO, he has a mega big stick but no Dolphins so he cannot be your CWO Cox'n buddy...

  4. I can't see that phot at work BOOTWU, due to MoD nannies, I'll have a look on the defence intranet to see if he's moved on.
  5. WreckerL

    The photo in the article isn't of the gentleman you have in mind.

    Your mate is entitled to wear a particular and distinctive medal, so it's definitely not him.
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  6. Thanks Sol, I know which medal you mean. Saves me trawling the intranet.
  7. Cheers Guys,

    So in my mind - is this the position that would have been the MAA (WOMAA?) -as they were the most senior lower deck rate ?

    I also note a coule of the comments above about SMs etc I did note during my trawling that was CWO of the Surface Fleet, so I assume that there is also a CWO for the Subs ?

    As for Wrecker's comment of "1SL whipping boy" - could one take that is what the US used to call the Dog Robber ?

  8. Photo of a previous CWO, c/w "stick":


    Attached Files:

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  9. The CWO was first introduced by Burnell-Nugget, when he was 2SL. Each "fighting arm" also has it's own "Senior Warrant Officer" i.e. RM, SM, WAFU & GS; they all wander around Whale Island with their sticks (some not very smartly either, apart from Royal). By the time you factor in the BWOs, who also seem to march around with sticks (some, obviously pissed on their own importance) , then you are talking about a lot of sticks!
  10. Have altered the word in the title from "Comman" to "Command" as the original spelling looks a bit odd!
  11. Merci !

    I didn't notice that typo .... :oops:

    though perhaps it should have been 'common' considering the amount of CWOs there seem to be ...... ;)
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2011

  12. Wrecker. Not anymore. It's now a WO(WTR)/(PERS) or whatever they are called this week.
  13. Just looked up the DIN and you are correct and the top dog CWO title is WO Naval Service (NS) Fleet with a CWO for Surface Ships, Submarines, FAA and RM and the Fighting Arm CWO's are "independant and autonomous command advisors", mainly a morale and drip chit conduit.

  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    This goes back a long way to 1960 and "2SL's Liaison team' of a Lt Cdr & a CPO who toured around listening to the folks. Mind you they had a bigger patch to cover.
  15. It is indeed and he's been in the post for quite a while - over a year at least. The bloke in the picture is the CWO.
  16. I sadly was a BWO in my last job, fcuking hated it, except were I got the opportunity to tell the Commodore what the troops really felt about the pusser.
    It was also thought a good idea to have me at the Main Gate to salute the incomIng VIPS dressed in No1s and medals just like the establishments very own Chelsea Pensioner
    I became the sad fcuker who got the shite staff jobs the grunters couldn't or wouldn't do. Couldn't wait to get outside and ditch the shitty stick.
  17. The man in the photo is the Warrant Officer of the Naval Service. (I recognised him and googled his name to get a Navy News article from last year).

    He is the 1SL's Warrant Officer, a post which was (according to NN) created to replace the former 2SL's CWO. I think the dit goes something along the lines of 1SL realising that 2SL had a CWO and he didn't - obviously he couldn't stand for that so got one for himself.

    Full details in Navy News November 10

    Edit - yes he is a WO(Wtr)
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2011
  18. Thanks - I stand corrected, it is a tad confusing though!
  19. Yes it is. I noticed this morning that the internal news article on MOD Intranet, with the same picture, described him as CWO. I'm going to stick with my first answer though. Next time I see him I'll ask him to clarify.

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