Command & Conquer

Im a longtime fan, picked it up during Red Alert, played that and aftermath, but really got into RA2 with LAN parties. Yuris revenge was a great twist adding a whole new element. Generals made more conventional sense, and took longer to play through all scenarios but the story was more fun in RA2/Yuri (more bonkers acting in the cut scenes thats for sure).

Im looking forward to dropping my $50 on the new one and seeing whats in store.

Anyway, fave game quotes from RA2/Yuri, or Generals if you prefer.....

"Rubber shoes in motion"

"Thees gun ees heavy"

"Im going-k, Im going-k"

"Without a trace"

"Soviet power supreme"
And illegal.

Plenty of 2nd hand versions to be had on E-bay or in the likes of Game. Picked up a copy for 4.99 of Generals.

Back to quotes, and the one we all feared hearing......

"I got a present for ya"
carlm said:
If you download limewire its free you can get it off there (3)
Carl!! You'll be giving Liverpudlians a bad name... :wink: (if you're 'avin the wheels, I'm 'avin the radio). Besides which you can find cracked copies of pretty much anything anywhere if you want to, bittorrent is full of 'em. Doesn't mean I would want to install 'em as people love to piggyback keyloggers and worms/trojans, and I cant be arsed to debug millions of lines of code when I can simply buy a retail DL or DVD and earn my money elsewhere to pay for my gaming habit. Anyhow, say you do get a working copy, as soon as you play online, punkbuster will prolly kick you when some other guy using the same key logs in. Then theres patches, they dont check keys/IPs but I dont think it will always be the case. I guess I'm lazier than I am poor.
Played a demo of the new C & C for the 360 and it's not bad but despite the amount of time I waste playing games even I have to admit that the C & C series is getting a little repetitive.

My son has recently introduced me to the Warhammer - Dawn of War series and it's not too shabby.



Lantern Swinger
C+C generals is great.
Love playing that. Prefer being China nuke generala and kicking USA into oblivion.
I can beat the computer in all levels with a 1 on 1 situation - however when it is 4 against me I end up as toast!
I enjoyed Generals, but prefered RA2. But all the online games seem to be disappearing, as are the number of players. A shame really.

Favourite quotes:

'for king and country'

'now you see me, now you dont'.
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