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Sense is returning to the Lunatic Asylum. May he long continue to deflate big egos and person with an over inflated sense of their own worth.


PS> "When I say 'JUMP' I do not expect you to say 'How High' just jump"


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wtf is a "Senior Captain"? You don't get promoted to a senior Captain, he is already a Captain. Sometimes the journos really should check before firing, they just make such twats of themselves.

As they said, he was found not guilty of the charges, there is no way they would put him in charge of a ship like this if there was any doubt about his fitness to command or to deal with pressure. Let's just hope that the lightweights who gravitate towards carriers are reassessing their abilities!
Skunkmiester said:
Good, looks like the the PC whoopsies have lost this one, at least that Carrier should have a good serving of Backbone.

Who allegedly reduced members of his crew to tears with frequent outbursts of rage!

"Uncle Arthur tell Capt Mainwaring[Mannering] to stop shouting I am going to tell me mum when I get home"


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It will be interesting to see if the officer walks around the flightdeck in his dressing-gown?I wonder how many transfer requests there will be when his appointment is confirmed?
PS ref your remarks WTF is a senior Captain,considering your remarks in diamond lils,ie, as a firmly entrenched Senior PO,whats the difference?As he was found not guilty,it makes me wonder about the people who complained,is the RN really as PC as it appears,or is it just me. Ialways used to wish that I was still in (anchor faced,iknow)but now im having grave doubts,perhaps you serving bods can give an honest opinion.


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Because it says he was promoted to Senior Captain, which is not a rank, nor a promotion option. He may be considered a Senior Captain (as in 0/6 years) but it is not a rank.

The PC "tool" can be used by those who are failing, to bail themselves out of the poo. There have been more cases brought maliciously than actual cases, and it is these that damage the real cases that are brought through. It's more to do with culture change, in that some of us are still used to using the terminology of strictly male/mainly white ships and it takes time to modify behaviour and language accordingly. It's a changing culture, and although many don't like it, it's not going away. The military have always been different from the rest of the world, and the civilians don't "get" us, but because our ultimate lords and masters are politicians (ergo civilians), we are driven down routes that are not always applicable or suitable. The PC side of things can be useful in rooting out problems, but when misused it becomes devalued and open to ridicule.

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