Coming to Guzz - need help!

I was going to be sensible, but since there will be folk wanting to get silly, I've put it in Lil's!

I'm coming to Guzz with SWMBO in a fortnight for a S boat do. While there, I need to do some shopping and it is a LONG time since I've been in Guzz, so I'm appealing to any locals to help me out! We'll probably get out to Trago Mills.........

Our RNA is having a Pickle Night this year. These tend to end up very messy and noisy. To that end, I need a CD of Sea Shanties, preferably with words. The traditional ones that everyone knows. Any ideas?

We are missing Roast Beef! Can anyone recommend a good carvery / pub near the Barbican / Charles Cross area so I can walk and try some apples?

I also need a second hand phone. If we were going to Faslane I'd pop into the Barras and get one. Are there any of the second hand shops still there?

Ivor or Ron?

Gracias por su ayuda.
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