Coming soon fo the West Country!


Lantern Swinger
Where there are a lot of 'related' people, there is always a chance of getting along rather too well with a relative! The Icelanders have an app for that!

New App Prevents Icelanders from Sleeping With their Relatives

I did hear there is one being written for Kernow........... but with 6 fingers it is so hard to work the keys on their phones!
They could do with a version on the Isle of Sheppey if the rumour is true that when a newly pregnant woman visits the doctor the questions include 'is the father a close relative'. Could be an urban myth but you never know...odd places about


Lantern Swinger
Well there's always a silver may have to marry your brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin but at least the fish and chips are top notch
Reminds me of a story of a lad from Kernow who went home and breathlessly told his Dad he'd found the girl of his dreams ...

Dad wanted to know all about the young lass and the lad excitedly told him that she had 5 brothers, was blonde, big tits ... and was a virgin!

"Well thats its you're not marrying her" says Dad ... "If she's not good enough for her Brothers she's not good enough for you".

.... Off to get coat!

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