coming clean about Big Brother

Time to fess up - I watch BB. Have done whenever I could since the start. I find the programme fascinating and horrible in turn. It is my opinion that what has recently happened is no worse than much of what happened in the past just this time it happened to someone who is beautiful and rich and more importantly famous in the country she comes from. Are we surprised that people of a white working class background express themselves in ways that shock ??? Of course not - I frequently read things on this website that strike me the same way.

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I'm shocked and stunned. Someone who admits to watching big brother. I switched it on to see what all the fuss was about, no way could it be described as watchable television. A stupid Geordie accent telling viewers where the inmates are, FFS you can see where they are. It was honestly the most boring thing that I have ever had the misfortune to view. Please can someone enlighten me to what the attraction of this type of program is. Having to see Chavs in the shopping centre is bad enough, but actually sitting in ones own home and deliberately tuning in to see them!
No I am still of the opinion that to watch a [email protected] program like that requires no more than a single brain cell.


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Golden Rivet, is reality (sic) television really Current Affairs? So what if it has been in the news? The first three replies tell you BB isn't held in high regard, the 'crisis' no such thing.

There is a thread in Lil's on the subject and another in the Quarterdeck. There is even another on CA which has merit in that it compares the media's attitude to the BB non story to the heroics of Royal in Afghanistan.


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golden_rivet said:
I find the programme fascinating and horrible in turn.

I watched it once for about 30 seconds, a night vision camera focused on people sleeping! now Horizon is fascinating, The Blue Planet is fascinating, Panorama is sometimes fascinating, nearly everything on the Discovery channel is fascinating whereas BB is just crap. If you honestly think BB is fascinating then you must be easily fascinated!!!!!!!!!
It is beyond belief that "A STAR" of this pgm can amass a wealth of ten million euros as it stated over here in Ireland.

Now her career is in ruins she shouts!! What career who wants to listen so some dick mouthing off and going to wild parties. What a sad sad world we are living in.


Can not believe peaple watch this shite , I'm a geordie but that ******** with the false geordie accent makes me cringe , have only seen it while channel hopping , the state of our television is awful , far too many channels and no hope of filling them with quality programmes , absolute shite , :evil: :???:
I posted this and went off for a swim knowing that something would be waiting a couple of hours later...

You have all missed my point about the so called 'celebrity' aspects of this incident and conveniently focussed on a critique of anyone who watches the series period.

Am I surprised that you changed the forum? Do bears ..... seadog may have a lovely avatar but in other aspects he's very run of the mill - by RR standards anyway.

So come on guys - any thoughts about the fact that actually we only care because of the supposedly pc society that we live in where a load of television luvvies get wound up. Anyone who knows anything about India knows that the Indian Govt. absolutely adores anything that distracts its (easily distracted) communities from burning effigies of their own politicians, most of whom are even more vile than our own.

Over ...


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I think you misunderstood the messages you are getting GR
The people watching this program generally are unable to string a few words together to make a coherent sentence. The celebrities are only known to these people most intelligent people though they may have heard of Jade would certainly not award her celebrity status. Really the show to the delight of the television company and probably because of the television company achieved a notoriety that it certainly didn't deserve.
Racism, I don't think so. Loud mouthed chavs with sink estate mentality, definitely. The Indian girl had more class in her little finger than the rest of the house members put together. I think it was a case of Classism.
As for the comment from Jade about the Indian girl not being able to speak English, The Indian girls command of the English language was superior to most if not all of the housemates