Comic Relief and Africa.


War Hero
OK I know that I'm going to get shiploads of Sh!t over what I'm going to say but sod it.

Every couple of years third rate comedians get together to raise their profiles and pretend that they are interested in helping the African poor.

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Africa has had more aid than any other continent, why has this been needed? South Africa an extremely rich and prosperous country from 1945 to 1970 or so. Kenya yet another former prosperous country as was Zimbabwe when t was Rhodesia.
Money has been poured like water into the continent and like a giant sponge it soaks it up and demands more.
The problems with Africa are two fold. First the place is corrupt and secondly tribalism rules. This means that the brother, sister .cousin etc are given top jobs that they are not qualified to do.
Africa needs to stand or fall by its own hand.

Standing by for incoming.


Lantern Swinger
Aside from the 3rd rate comedians comment (I think most of them are quite talented) I have a real problem disagreeing with what you say.
However I assume you saw some of the footage. Letting Africa "Stand or fall by it's own hand" would mean only one loser - The people. The tribal pecking order would still be there as would the corruption. So untill the UN or whoever can sort those two are sorted, I shall be giving a few quid to this fine organisation as with children in need etc.

BTW - Is it me or does anyone else think that or "Force for good" should be applied to Zimbabwe? Surely that is a textbook example of where our exped warfare should be going?


Lantern Swinger
instead of watching videos of homeless people in africa etc lets see whats being done for homeless people in the UK FIRST!! and other under paid citizens of the UK (ignoring the jobless. skivers and chavs!)

all those comedians going on about give money to comic relief well how about you lot giving a days wage first before i give my meagre spending allowance after i have paid tax and NI, stuff they dont pay because all their bank accounts are in switzerland!!

how about all our nurses and surgeons who save lives getting footballers wages instead of some greasy permed chav teenager getting £80,000 a week for kicking around a bag of air!!
Charity begins at home.

There have been plagues in Africa since the world began.

Salve your consciences this year, and there'll be another crisis along shortly for you to empty your pockets for.


War Hero
The West has been pouring money into Africa for 50 years and nothing has changed due to the reasons mentioned above. Every so often some 'artist' will organise a benefit concert, using the oportunity to slag off various governments for not doing anything. These concerts usually coincide with the release of the 'artists' latest album/film etc. Surely the plight of the Africans is not being exploited for profit! :shock:

The anti colonial push after WWII resulted in these countries being gvien self government they were totally unprepared for and we are paying for that now. Its worth noting that the countries where the British took control completely and stayed on, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, are first world countries whereas those left to the natives are the basket cases we see today.