comfort food

time for another irrelevant post, dont know if it's been done before but here goes...

What's your favourite comfort food? I'm not talking chocolate or a kebab at the end of a run ashore.

After some careful thought mine has got to be a fish finger sandwich with lassings of red sauce. :lol:
A big smoothie with pineapple, bananna, strawberries, cold water and a scoop of protein powder and maybe a dash of creatine. If I am in need of real comfort I might add a spoonful of peanut butter. Heaven.
Alternatively an extra large dominos pizza with double pepperoni, but they don't have them out here.... grrr.


War Hero
mine has to be cheesey chips..lashings of salad cream dont have it very often coz its sooooo sinfull.. has to be eaten with fingers.........

huby loves a good sticky bun!!!!!