Cometh the hour and all that!....PART II

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Si_Novice, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. Well RT today....


    Eye test done today, medical and PJFT booked for April 15th, getting closer :smilebox:

    Thanks again people!
  2. Congrats mate :D
  3. Cheers Trigg'

    Almost in the waiting gang :lol:
  4. Its not all its cracked up to be ;)
    Worth it all in the end though :D good luck for the rest of it mate!
  5. congrats mate almost there! well maybe in like 18 months anyway

    (meaning the waiting games sucks, wasn't meaning to sound sarcastic :S)
  6. Good job.
  7. Cheers Yorkie/Comm,

    I know the wait will suck ass, but I'll be glad to get through it all knowing that I have the opportunity coming to do what I want. Better than the 8 other people who failed there scores on Tuesday :toothy7:
  8. Congratulations and no cutsies :D
  9. Thanks, now I am an old man so you will have to explain what "no cutsies" means? :lol:
  10. Belated congratulations, Si!

    Very well done!

    I am pleased.
  11. Have you passed interview aswell then? I thought I had mine after RT.
    Anyway well done one step closer, it seems to take ages now but when we look back at the other end of 22 it will seem really quick :wink:
  12. Not passed the interview yet, just well pleased to have passed the RT. The other bits are coming up soon! :D

    All worth it in the end.

    p.s Cheers Soleil!
  13. i join may 16th.. when they mention the RNAC ... GO ON IT! it will give you the best in sight to the navy without the sugar coating that the AFCO's sometimes do! i just got back off mine and it was hard and amazing at the same time ! GET FIT! pound them streets it will be well worth it!
    good luck mate!
  14. congrats m8. good luck for the rest of the aplication, hope it all goes well :D
  15. no cutting in the queue :wink:
  16. Cheers Gazbo, I am def going to look at that once I have sorted everything. Best of luck for May!!
  17. cheers man, i hope it goes well! what you going in as again? best advice i can just give you now is just be really prepared and know your stuff for the interview like the navy contract and the where abouts of ships in the world etc... just be really honest with them and start doing the mum things like cooking and cleaning ironing is a big thing cause thats what they like to see ...
  18. Cheers Gazbo,

    Unfortunately I am an old dude (34..just!) so have been living independently for many many years, which means all household chores are second nature :wink:

    Going in as AET, thanks for the interview advice..have saved loads of links the top boys on here have mentioned before so I will be fully prepared :D

    Your time will be here before you know it!!
  19. thanks SI_NOVICE,

    yer im bricking it now especially after the RNAC course. pounding the streets everyday to get ready. have you recieved your interview date yet?
  20. Not yet Gazbo,

    Hopefully will get it when I blast my fitness test :lol:

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