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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gazbo1988, May 14, 2010.

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  1. hey you guys,

    sadly this will be my last post on here for a while as i start my long awaited journey (18 month) to HMS Raleigh on sunday.
    i would just like to say thank you to all the advice i have been given over the last couple of months and coping with me when i ask stupid questions.

    a special thanks goes to Ninja stroker, angry doctor :D :D ! these are very under appriciated!
    also JJ, Si novice, Soleil and jimbo!

    and to all the newbies still waiting out there, i know its a long wait but if you want the best job in the world, you may have to wait a while for it! it will happen one day and you will be in my situation.

    thanks gareth

    P.S will try and post some stuff while at RALEIGH tell you what its really like!
  2. Oh, I wouldn't say 'sadly'.

    Seriously though - good luck.
  3. its sad for me that i wont come on for a while, but for you guys less of a headache.... :D
  4. Cheerio for now "Petters", and don't forget to pack that Dictionary will you*?

    ......and some genuine Pontefract Cakes for the Staff might help, they are less likely to shout at you with their mouths full. :wink:

    *appriciated = appreciated :twisted:
  5. Get your Kit Musters weighed off sharpish. :wink:
    Good luck mate.
  6. you always pick up on my terrible spelling ! ill get some sent over to you guys even though they are disgusting!
  7. thanks jimbo, ill try and not turn into another chico!
  8. Gareth

    The very best of luck during the coming nine weeks.

    It's been a pleasure.
  9. Good luck gaz, seeya there in 3weeks!
  10. His name is Swampy...

    Good luck Gaz and keep an eye out for Swampy
  11. Don't forget to volunteer for Fog Watch, best loaf at Raleigh!!!
  12. Good luck Gareth. Might see you down there when you pass out. Hope you remember most of the stuff from the RNAC. Cause I know I dont. :lol:
  13. Best of luck Big man,

    I am certain you will do fine, so enjoy what you have waited so long for! Oh and don't feck it up :D :D

    Will keep an eye out for your updates!
  14. Best of luck buddy. Let us all know how it goes and all that.
  15. i will do ! lol and dont start with that bed wetter stuff!
    thanks guys will keep you posted!
  16. Don't even think about hijacking his nickname, find your own!
  17. Yeah he's obviously been working hard to become the Swamp Donkey ;)
  18. GL Gazbo, have a great time.
  19. Best of luck, dead jealous, can't wait till my day comes, let us all know what it is like!
  20. Hey guys just on the Train to plymouth ! Nearly there! Will write soon!

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