Comet visible in the Plough Constellation

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by trelawney126, Mar 8, 2013.

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  2. :shock: In case the news never reached the far Western regions:

    <<...All Comet Stores Were Closed Down By 18 December 2012. . All 256 stores listed are Now CLOSED ..>>

    BTW Trelawn-Mower: That's 'Shut' in S/M lingua franca :wink:
  3. Dolphin126
  4. Using the Aussie code is cheating however Dolphin 22 applies.
  5. If the sky is clear, look to the west and find the new moon. Tonight and tomorrow the comet will be visible to the left of the moon and Tuesday/Wednesday to the right.

    So they say.
  6. If it's to the left of the moon I take it it's following a vertical track.
  7. Don't know - I found a graphic somewhere and it had the comet to the left for a couple of days then on the right until it faded. Couldn't see it tonight despite sky being crystal clear.
  8. Have you looked on Google SkyMap? I've just checked mine but there's zilch.

    Maybe you've got an updated version which shows comets?
  9. You must get some brilliant views of stars on those Navy ships at night, im jealous, i love the stars
  10. Don't tend to see too many on submarines but then again, we're all stars on boats :)
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  11. ha! hahhahaha! hahahahahahahahah! hahahahahahahahhahahahahah!

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