Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stirling2, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. The best comedians in the world are Jack/Booty ripping the shit out of each other in the pub, my sides used to ache like hell after a run ashore.
    You have to be carefull with mivvys as they very often don't get it and come over all upset/offering you out.
    Omid Djalily is about the best out there at the mo, I do not mean that guff on the beeb, saw his live stand up and like Jack he ripped EVERYONE to bits, kicking off with Geordies, moving on to his own people, Iran and everything else in between. He is a superb mimic and had me in stiches as his delivery was relentless, As for the rest, Mr Sweaty Lee Evans is ok but his material is getting a bit thin, he gets a vote for his energy and being a mean tinkler of the ivories. Al Murray is an aquired taste, his rap with the audience sometimes takes off but I would not buy his video.
    Peter Kay is a fat bastard but he sure as hell is not funny, same/similar material for yonks, when he managed to pull his head out of his arse long enough to calaborate with Dave Spikey we got Phoenix Nights which did hit the spot.....a bit. On his own he is garbage as is Phil Jupitus but an even fatter bastard than Kay. Recent poll said Connoly was the funniest man in Britain, 25 years ago maybe but not now, what little respect I had for him was lost when it showed him ''preparing'' for a gig, giving it the tortured artist routine as though he was Sir Larry........FFS he is an ex welders mate from Govan. Would have loved to have been in the audience in Honky Fid when an assortment of Jack and a detachment of Gorden Highlanders had him off stage 5 minutes after coming on.
    Were it not for Parkinson sucking his cock at every given opportunity he would have died a death years ago.

    So, what do you think ?.
  2. Welsh geezer Rhod Gilbert is quite good as is Frankie Boyle, he's definitely Jack/Royal humour
  3. Have only seen about 5 mins of Boyle on Mock and he was head and shoulders above the rest, will have to try and catch him live, same with the other geezer.
  4. Youtube is a good starter, Rhod Gilbert's dit about buying a duvet is brill
  5. Frankie Boyle is hilarious and Russel Howard is quite funny but a bit different.

    I saw Jimmy Carr live and he was alot better than he is on TV. But one of my favorites is Reg D Hunter, has anyone seen him?
  6. Will look into that, cheers Wreck.
  7. Isn't he the very dry (and funny) septic?
  8. Yes its the black bloke from Alabama, very funny!!!

    Concur ref Frankie Boyle and Russell Howard, nearly as witty as me but not quite!!! 8O 8) :roll:
  9. Roy chubby Brown you fat bastard

    Micheal Macintyre is fairly funny too
  10. Yeah, he like to do the recism joke abit too much though, but some of the things he comes out with make you hurt :lol:
  11. Frankie Boyle isn't funny, just likes to be louder than anyone else when putting across his stuff. Rhod Gilbert is a funny bloke but there's another druid doing exactly the same.
  12. I think Franky Boyle is funny as feck. Very caustic and close to the knuckle and nothing sacred. Typical Jack sense of humour. The other regulars on MTW are quite amusing too. I've only seen bits of Omid Djalily on TV and to be honest he didn't really amuse me. Maybe he is the sort of performer that needs to be seen live. Another comedian I like is Rory McGrath.
  13. I suspect that people laugh purely out of embarrassment!
  14. Frankie Boyle and Lee Mack own all.
  15. Jason Manford is amazing
  16. Ricky Gervais?
  17. Frankie Boyle gets my vote. He sometimes makes impromptu appearances at the little comedy clubs in Glasgow to "test out new material, in case it's too sick for the road"!

    Michael MacIntyre is alright, sometimes a little hit and miss.
  18. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    An unfunny cnut if ever there was one, if he got his head out of his arse long enough to think up some material and stop being so f*cking smug, he might just raise a chuckle or two. Seen Rhod Gilbert live, he's pretty good IMO.
  19. Forgot about Lee Mack

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