Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Wonderer, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Ok folks, its probably been done to death this one, but you lot know me my now, I can never be arsed to look.
    (if so, just ignore me)
    If not; lets hear you then.
    (I notice quite a lot of revolutionary statements appearing on RR, so...What changes would you make?)
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    It probably has but I feel like a rant.


    Driving age up to 25. Males not allowed to drive a car over 50 bhp or in any colour other than pink until 30th birthday.

    No giro without turning to for the local council (stand fast the wheelchair bound). All sorts of welfare reform.

    Out of the EU. Take up the option that serves Norway and Switzerland well. Goodbye Poles, Romanians, Bulgarians, Czechs. Get our own lazy bastards off the dole and into work (see above).

    Death penalty for murder (where there is abolutely no doubt) otherwise life (meaning life).

    Rationalise police paperwork. Gene Hunt for Met Commissioner, get coppers out doing police work. Some on foot, dishing out slaps to chavs.

    Rebuild the armed forces. A one hundred ship fighting fleet (ie not counting P2000 and RFAs (however armed they are becoming) and a comensurate army and air force. Make our presence felt all over the world.

    British ship owners, Red Ensign, no ifs or buts.

    Harsh jail sentences for rape (where there is no doubt), other crimes of violence.

    Downgrade prisons to make them cheaper to run and less attractive places to go. Anti social behaviour? Jail. Three strikes, you die in prison.

    Scrap the TV licence. The BBC can find its own money.

    Press can remain free to tell the truth. Each successful libel/slander case against them, lose a point. Start with five points. No points, closed.

    Music. More prosecutions under the Trades Descriptions Act; that's not fcuking music.

    Re-establish 5* rank. Promote myself to Admiral of the Fleet. I'm just getting started.

    Fat bastards, confiscate their pies.

    Take norman's computer aways from him.

    Or cut to the chase; get Rudy Giuliani, Lee Kwan Yew and Ray Mallon to put it right for us.
  3. Seadog
    Amazingly I find myself in agreement with nearly all of your comments.
    Not so sure about your promotion though
  4. Seadog, you talk like most London Cabbies mate ;)
  5. Best we let the cabbies run the country then :thumright:
    Right lets all vote for the London Cabies Party
  6. Well, he did leave out the sentence with Livingstone and castration in it!
  7. You started the thread - you say what you would change first.
  8. what he said................
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Slim wrote
    I forgot one. Teach cabbies how to drive with particular emphasis on the purpose and operation of indicators and where and when not to U turn. Cabs to be pink, not black.

    And; make them less available and remove their bus lane perks. They are not public transport. Fat bastards need to walk more often.
  10. ok; after some consideration, there is'nt much i would change, certainly not enough to justify a revolution. i personally think England is the greatest place on earth, and i love it. As much as i occasionally dream of living in far off places, I know in my heart that there is no other place I'd rather be, which makes me "wonder" when i read empty revolutionary statements from other RR members.
    Anyway; off the top of my head, how about....

    Introduce a "one strike and your out"policy to Prime ministers and other mp's of power who fail to do what they promise by a given dead line, which will automatically make them exempt from the next election.

    Round up all known nonce's and rapists, throw them in a big hole and light them up. (Why these cunts should be allowed to burden the tax payer is beyond me)

    Stop production, and outlaw all tobacco

    Introduce a program that means all drug addicts have to work to recieve their drug of choice. (A community service of sorts) - crime would drop dramatically.

    Give all non commisioned ranks in the Armed Forces a huge pay rise.
  11. Close the Borders.
    Repatriate all illegal Immigrants.
    Build bigger jails.
    Return of the Death Penalty and Transportation.
    Get out of the EU.
    Sack the present Govt and clear out the Commons.
    Increase the MOD budget.
    Pull down all Mosques(not the ones in houses,warehouses,skips etc.Just the ones that look like mosques)
    Encourage the flying of our Flags.
    Make political correctness illegal.
    drop Fuel Duty to zero.
    Reopen Military Hospitals(Haslar at least)
    Impeach Blair.
    Mercy killing of Mrs Blair.

    just for starters.
  12. I dont mind his promotion, but you are NOT having my pies.
  13. in total agreement with both Seadog, and AndyM.

    Do we have mini politicians onsite..............................?!!!
  14. Andy M you have my vote mate. But could you add that treasonous bastard Alistair Cambell to your list for inpeachment, oh and while you are at it, also that useless fat fuck Charlie Faulkner.
  15. Feck off we've got enough nutters down this way as it is, we call them Australians :thumright: .
    What would I change?
    Close all fast food joints make fat twats walk/exercise (No dear it is not genetic or your big bones it's all the pies and chips!!)
    Ban 1 person car trips. Car Pooling or you walk, cycle, take the bus.
    Thats about it really, you get the Government you/the majority vote for, if you don't like the current one get out there and agitate/organise against it. I don't recommend that Taxi drivers are put in charge of anything.The only ones left after they'd been in charge for 10 minutes would be other Taxi Drivers and maybe a few B list celebs so the TDs could rave "You'll never guess who I had in the back of my cab the other day, that Ainsley Herriot geezer,not a bad bloke for a [email protected]!#@$#".
  16. OMG I never thought I would say this but I agree with SEADOG

    I have never been racist,but now I am getting very close

    I have been working as a civil servant for several years now
    and I have the misfortune of

    Taking money from misinformed eighty yearold British pensioners
    and giving thousands to new arrival immigrants
    (misinformed pensioners, they were told in the sixties to put their savings off-shore tax free, but it was not, now the government initiative is to claim all the unpaid tax back plus a fine - it was initiated to grab millions from drug dealers with cash off shore, the only people to own up are the eightyearolds :-( )

    I find it amazing that they all have the same series of mobile phone numbers
    Their immediate call is I want interpretor now no please no nothing

    I give them thousands YES thousands everyday every minute every week
    Latvians Poles Czechs,Romanians
    I want my tax credits, I have three sets off triplets and they are disabled living with my girlfriend back in Romania, Oh that is good sir please have £18k are you working Oh yes I am working Oh then have another £4k

    Not a penny have they put in the pot, yet all this is given on arrival
    OK they do not get the £22k in a lump sum just £5076 in a lump sum then £423 a week tax free plus their wages (that is the worst scenario)
    Best scenario is only one none disabled child and wife at home in Poland
    £1683 lump sum and £140 pw plus wages individual/individual/do I qualify

    How can the government not see that we can not keep this up, something has to give

    Stop immigration, put all our unemployed out to work,
    sweep the steets or you do not get your unemployment cash

    They also need to stop linking benefit, qualify for one and you get the lot and end up better off than working, where is the incentive in that

    Yes someone is laid off, then top up their money to a basic working wage,and pay your way in life
    but to give free rent free council tax free prescriptions, dental treatment eye care, free milk, free vegetables free school meals free school clothing
    If you find you have an alcohol problem then we can provide 3Ltrs of spirits per week

    This is all of course if you have not been stupid enough to save, have a pension, or actually accomodate yourself

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9 Pension, savings and house owner :-(
  17. all very good points, but what we all accept as common sence and honest values sounds remarlably close to the nazi retoric that stumpy twat hitler was spouting 70 years ago. i suppose we have to be careful what we wish for.
    sorry if this sounds abit dark but the defence watches are doing my head in.
  18. Well said.Most of these benifits were hard fought for. Yes,they are being abused & mismanaged but only a generation ago the vast majority of British people were dirt poor,living in squalor at the mercy of slum landlords with little access to medical services.Pretty much as it is where I live now in the Philippines."Can't pay for your' hospital bill in advance? Fuck off home & die!"
  19. To save time and a lot of arguing, all politicians to be jailed the instant they're elected.

    (Thank you Terry Pratchett for that statement, it still makes I larf!)
  20. I'm sorry, but who fought for these benefits? Hard-working people, that's who. Not the slack-arsed b*stards wasting them on their 12 fatherless children and the asylum-seeking scum who are receiving them.

    Who gets tax credits? Anyone with a few kids who can't afford to feed them after buying ten bottles of whiskey and a few dozen fags every day.

    And who has to pay for the Eastern European immigrants, the asylum seekers and those who choose to have kids? Me. The harder I work, the more money I lose in taxes to fund their lifestyles. Then I try to go for a promotion, and find that I can't get one as they have an "ethnic quota" to fill, so I end up reporting to some braindead twat who can't read, write or speak English, but happens to be the right colour.

    I didn't start off being racist, but I've certainly ended up as one.

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