Come out, come out, wherever you are.

So every now and again I like a few on here go AWOL for a few weeks, or even a couple of months.
But just of late I have suddenly (when reading old posts) become aware that several high profile posters on RR have gone AWOL.
WTF is Joe Crow?
Gombear ain't posted for a coons age (no pun) and also NZB.
Have the Mods been tracking em down and exterminating them.
I keep moving I'm afraid some fucker will arrive and try to help me spend my shekels.
So come out the woodwork you bastards and tell us where you are.
If you by chance dead, and still reading this, could you keep the fuck away from my drum, I got problems enough without being fuckin haunted. Wrecker and Sharky do that to me and that's scary enough for any poor bastard.
I'm a tad worried about you mate, every time the words hatter, brown, back, come out or bend are mentioned your attracted like a Shark to blood.
Ang on Shark...sharky...mmmm I wonder.
I've got to tell you though you're better at what you do than William Lepeska.:laughing6::bootyshake:
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