Come on you heros tell me.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. Traditionally medals issued to RN/RM personnel have differed in the naming from other services by being impressed as follows.

    Service number......initials.......surname......rate and trade.......RN.
    As opposed to.
    Service number....rank......initials.....surname......regiment or in the case of crabs RAF.

    So The only medal naming format I want to know about are medals to RN from the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. I have never actually seen either of these medals close enough to examine the naming.
    I ask as I have in my possession a medal that meets all the criteria of being genuine (metal, weight,disk size,) but does not meet what I think is the correct naming criteria, although it has been laser engraved as is correct. If you magnify laser engraving enough you will see that the naming is "raised", surprisingly enough.
    Anyway come on lads help me out as I need to strike whilst the iron and trail is hot.
    As is recognised by people dealing in contemporary bling I will not disclose the naming on the medal as even I have some integrity.:-D:-D
  2. BUMP cus I still wanna know.
  3. At work at the minute but will check when I get back to my cabin.
  4. Cheers Monty.
  5. But not the "Dartmouth Survivers award", or your VD and scar, thats just bling.:-D
  6. I'll have a skeg at mine when I get home as well.
  7. Cheers..............................
  8. Ok Rummers, early stack and upon checking mine they are completely different to the two examples you posted and are in the following format: Rate, initials, surname, official number, service.

    Hope that helps.
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  9. Cheers Monty that has helped a big bundle.
    I now know I have been seen off t'fuck, how unusual for me.=\\\\\\\\:angry2:
  10. Confirmed, rank, initals, surname, service number and service. Could be a replacement that someone had ordered from a non MOD source, I think they have to engrave them in a different order to show its not "as issued".
    Hope that helps
  11. Right cheers lads for the help with my question.
    The upshot is I have been skinned on this medal but hey ho win some etc.
    The Format on it is as the Army and Raf used to be, IE....number, rank, initials, and regiment.
    Trouble is as the original medal was made of cupro nickle, people can forge them with ease. With silver they are more cautious and silver plate is easy to spot. I will keep it as a reminder I am a gullible twat and hope to rob some bastard on my next deal.
    White Men 1.......Rumrat 0.:pottytrain2:
  12. Er hum, Jimbo,........I have bling of my own, what is you sayin honky, us people of colour is only got the stole bling.
    I is whittling a doll in your likeness as we speak, I black shakespeare's very good man, "Much a voodoo about nuttin.":-D
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  13. As a totally useless post I'll just add that mine are the same as in rank, name, Off No and service.

    That'll teach you Rummers, trying to increase your bling total with knock off medals :-D
  14. The intention was to make money buy a caravan and move onto your drive.
    I wouldn't offer to tarmac it, I would dig it up as I am opening a hardcore operation.
    Upon completion I would move on to cumbria for the anual sausage hunt.

    Edited to add I would upset Stirling on the way through.
  15. Pre and post JPA are the same with mine, then again i don't class myself as "that old". ;-)
  16. My LSGCM (1968) is as you stated Rummers except HMS Raleigh rather than RN.
    The Army one (1990) is Number-Rank-Initials.Surname-Corps.

  17. Now that's hardcore I haven't seen since the Reeperbahn or the Gut, it involves caravans and tarmac......kinkyyyyyyyy!
  18. Fuckin hell Pete Raleigh?? How long was you in training??:-D:laughing2:
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  19. When I did my training Steve, Raleigh was for stoker mechanics!
    Victoria Barracks/HMS Ceres was my lot.
    Raleigh took on the new entry role in 1958.

  20. Mine doesn't have service number, Just Rank, Initials, Surname, RN. My GSM is the same.

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