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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Lets get this site back to basics, forget the Newbie crap, lets get it going to what it should be about, Banter and laughter.

    I thrive on abuse, abuse me FFS, I`m a big boy, and rememember this is Diamond Lil`s, the Gash barge is where crap goes from other threads, not Diamond Lil`s, though we do have one Mod on here who moves things, brains of a rocking horse, why not get Bergan or Sinbad to do something,

    Answers on a postcard to

  2. FFS, 7 members on line out of over 6,400.

    Get with it guys.
  3. Brilliant, enjoyed that, don`t call me, I`ll callyou.

    Can any of you morons think for yourselves?
  4. Nobody having a nibble shippers, personally I think lots of the members have their heads up their arse or as my old seadaddy used to tell me his ultimate fantasy was to be lowered slowly down the juniors mess naked covered in chocolate on a blank week - you old enough to remember those days??
  5. Go on, admit it; you're bored aren't you.
  6. You are without doubt the world’s most cantankerous old fart.

    Get your head out of your gin bottle and stop watching daytime telly Jeremy Kyle is not real life you know.

    Or do you just want a £4 argument
  7. Bored you`d better believe it, and as for Pinch, this must be your first post where i haven`t laughed at your spelling, and you have a degree?

    Christ, is it below freezing?
  8. i'm fukcin bored every day at work - we should meet up, what a laugh we could have
  9. Why not do it on here? You know you want to.
  10. Poor Higgy. How can we abuse you, of all people? o_O

    Here's something to make you feel better :biggrin:

    :donut: + :drunken: = :love4:
  11. FFS Four names
    Try at least
    I do not feel bad
    I feel that this site needs to get back on track
    If any of you morons cannot see what is happening on here
    then all is lost.
  12. I feel that this is a good time to interject with the story of how I came back to my hotel room in Honkers and found my roommate eating the crotch of the rather cute Redcap he had, against all odds, managed to trap that night. I, being a gentleman, made out nothing was amiss and merely used the heads and helped myself to some cash my oppo had left on the table before withdrawing to a nearby bar for some more refreshment, athough from the sounds of ecstasy coming from the young lady I doubt she would have noticed if the entire ships company had indulged in a group wank around the bed.
  13. Much as I would like to be rude to you Hig I'm afraid we have not been properly introduced so banter is simply out of the question!!

    Now, go back to you day time telly and let me finish building my ship!

  14. Grate thread.

    By the way, I believe you should have written "If none of you morons can see what is happening on here then all is lost". What you actually wrote has somewhat different connoitations in that it requires all the morons to see what is happening for the situation not to be lost rather than some of morons to see what is happening for the situation to be salvable. You can fool some of the morons all of the time, and all of the morons some of the time, but you can't fool all of the morons all of the time.

    Hope this clarifies things a bit.
  15. Jeremy Kyle isnt real life,Im gutted!!
    That means Ive wasted all these weeks of sick for nothing.

    So Big Sharon isnt having Mickys baby,Tracy didnt have a gang bank with the household cavalry.

    Im off back to work on one leg then.
  16. Hmmm and you Hig accuse the newbies of posting bollocks.
    Perhaps the site has died a death of late due to people moving on to other sites or heaven forfend getting a life and doing something away from a 'puter (Or some of the work they're getting paid to do!).
    My RR Anonymous support group is tackling that next week so if you don't hear from me again you'll know that I've successfully broken my addiction.
    None of us know each other (Well a few have met in the 'Real World') better than a bar of soap and so the only indication we have of each others personalities are our burbles on here, maybe some don't feel comfortable entering into banter with seasoned salty hands when all they want is some easy info and that is what most of this generation is all about, instant gratification. Ask a Q get an A and than [email protected]!# off to Facebook to see if they've got any more 'Friends' from 3,500 Miles away that they will never meet.
    Thankfully, for the most part, once these young men and women are 'In' and 'Trained' they learn the meaning of Teamwork and Sacrifice and also 'Run Ashore' so they're too busy working or getting sh!tfaced to come on here and banter away the wee hours.
    So that leaves the old and bold who're still interested and that you haven't alienated (See Pinch for further details), er....what you and Thingy then.
    Go to it.
  17. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just a couple of thoughts.

    Firstly people visit this site to be informed about the Navy either as a prospective career or to discuss current issues, as well as to indulge in the banter and laughter you crave. That is why there is a variety of fora to accommodate all needs.

    Secondly the rules on relegating dull and irrelevant crap to the Gash Barge apply to all fora, including Lil's. The intent behind this is to avoid blocking up the front page with said dull crap. This does not stop anyone from continuing to read and post in any Gash Barge thread and is therefore not censorship.

    Fairly simple, and if it does not accord with your views then you are perfectly free to vote with your feet and frequent any other sites where the rules are different.
  18. Dear Whogivesashit,

    Abuse you? Ok, fcuk off and die you crusty old cnut.

    Don't realy care if you enjoyed it or not.

    Best regards

  19. :salut: Now I thought all the bright bantering chattering class's went off to the brave new world on the light side. :salut:

    So is this a recruiting trip to sweep up a few morons as you have all used up your banter on each other and now comments are so standard they are just past by Initials and Number. i.e. HP11 "Feck Off"

    N't1 "Disgusted of Tumwells Bridge"


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