come on then girls - MR BEAN et al

As the men of this site seem to have forgotten that someone else sold their story to the press and had his picture splash all over the papers prehaps we should start a post on their dateabilty

or prehaps we're just not the shallow
AARSE have devoted a whole thread to him (very embarassing to RN types on AARSE at present) here:

I've just found out from this link that AB has his own website:

I think I have been driven to the point (I didn't believe I would EVER say this) that G Spot training should be revived and ALL ratings (lads AND lasses) should undergo it! I just know that none of you G Spot types would have cried in your cell (or at least admitted it) - not after crying yourselves to sleep every night in the Annexe. I would have cried though - but then what do you expect from Dorothy! :wink: :oops: :oops: :oops:


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rosinacarley said:
You are being spiteful again.

Do any of you look like this luscious specimen of godlike hunkiness?

Not a bad likeness… :eek:

still got all my hair and only a bit 'sleek' around the middle
Oil_Slick said:

5'2" of lean mean killing machine…

have ipod, will travel, but please don't flick my neck :cry:
while I hate to be dragged down to the same level as the boys, it's been bugging me all weekend who he reminded me off, I've just twigged



It's perfectly fair to criticise Mr Bean. Not for being unattractive, though he obviously is - but for being a complete fecking numpty wimp who blubbed when they took his iPod (why the feck did he have an iPod on him on duty?), blubbed when they flicked the back of his neck, blubbed when they called him Mr Bean and asked Fat Faye for a big huggy-wuggy when they met up. Good job Johnny Arab didn't threaten to shoot his teddy bear or he would have completely folded. The man's a joke and a national embarrassment. And he still would be if he looked like Brad Pitt. :x


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Rosina, can you please clairfy how saying somebody looks like Peter Kay is being spiteful ??

Surely then you asking if anyone looks like George Clooney(or is it Terry Wogan) you too are being spiteful ??
Here are some piccies from his website....

And my personal favourite...

What the feck is that white thingy hanging down beside his lanyard? Is that part of modern pusser rig? 8O

I suppose when he returns to Cornwall he'll lose the nickname Lanky and gain Mr.Bean instead. Bless!

On the criticism front regarding his behaviour and admissions, I return to what I have said earlier, namely that whilst I think his bean spilling to the press was ill-advised, I also think the MOD should have done more to protect the 15 from media intrusion. I regret their original decision to display him at that press conference following their debrief and am concerned about the long-term psychological consequences for him, notwithstanding the opinions of those who think he will just bounce back from his ordeal.

Incidentally Curious, have you ever been in a similar situation? Bravado is very easy from the comfort of one's armchair, less so when actually confronted by officials acting on behalf of a government (Iran) with such an appauling human rights record.



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oooh, I am 197.35% liking claire sweeney! I want to do some rudely with her. Then chop her head off with a spade.
UncleAlbert said:
rosinacarley said:
You are being spiteful again.

Do any of you look like this luscious specimen of godlike hunkiness?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

So that's the REAL reason why Mr.Bean is so popular in Iran.

Fetch me the sick bucket someone before I... oh, er..... [sick all over the freshly scrubbed dick]