Come on England

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by onlinebacon, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Lets slaughter the french this evening at rugby :thumright:
  2. 7-13 to England at half time.
  3. Who cares about which section its in - we gubbed those frogs.
  4. =D


    'AVE IT =]

    And wilkinson was on FORM this match
  5. Latest in a long line of success - To Agincourt, Trafalgar, Waterloo, add Parc des Princes (or whatever the new cross channel station is called). In the immortal words of Mike Harding's " Napoleon's Retreat from Wigan" - BOG OFF FROGGIE !!!!
  6. A bit like Waterloo, though, 'twas a close run thing (Gott seid dank: and we didn't need Blucher). At least this time, the lads stayed disciplined and focused. Is Wilkinson a better booter than Callard was?
  7. Callard was "reliable", whereas Jonny is so unpredictable, he can turn a game with a little bit of magic. The World Cup Final drop goal is living proof - he knew what he wanted to do, waited his chance, and did it.
  8. [align=center][​IMG]

    COME ON WALES!!!!!

    47 : 8

    Now thats what I call slaughter..... :thumright: :thumright: [/align]
  9. But then again you where playing Italy!
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Intended moving this thread, but then thought: "Nah".
    It's good to have a cheery subject.

    So it's staying put. Just debating whether to make it a sticky....
  11. If you say it like that why didn't England win sky high against em? lol
    As I remember Italy actually nearly caught up with you in the second half and ended it 19:23 quite a close call ;)
  12. Cause it's typical England to lose against the taffies in their own back yard! Struggle against the pizza tossers yet win the French dans le jardin derrière!
  13. It might be typical but its the comment "it was only italy" if it was ONLY italy you should be hammering them too ;)
  14. But as we all know, EVERYBODY raises their game when it comes to playing England. They obviously see England as the team to beat, which goes to show how much kudos is gained by the minor teams if they do manage to beat England.
  15. Nick Easter of Quins MoM beating the French in Paris-no kids in the house-missus in the mood wearing her FMB's=happy days :w00t: :thumright:
  16. How unlucky has Strettle's England career been though Buster? Both the World Cup and 6 Nations and he is injured! Do you think Gomarsall can win his shirt back?
  17. Bollocks In rugby at the moment there are better teams than england i.e. France (who won the 6 nations last year), Wales (who beat england in the first match), Ireland (who are on brilliant form)...... Your not unbeatable at ALL.....

    By the way anyone notice how the media and commentators always say that England wernt on top form or they were crap when they lose you never hear/read that the other team was better... Can't you just admit when the other teams better than England? :p ;)
  18. That would be the same Wales that lost to Fiji in the recent Rugby World Cup? Not even qualifying to the Knock-Out stage Gazza? The same Ireland that last year threw away their chances of winning against France by getting greedy and not kicking the ball into touch past the 80th minute? All of the 6 Nations have had muck ups, no team is unbeatable, no team is easily defeated.

    And yes we can, in the RWC, South Africa were a better team than England, but you have to give credit to England, coming back from an awful beginning to a near brilliant finish.

    Scotland or Italy for the Wooden Spoon? My bet, sorry Jocks, is Scotland.
  19. Stretts has been very unlucky with his England career, a great pity because there is alot more to his game than just speed with the ball, his defence work is outstanding, he definately punches above his weight and suprised alot of bigger players in the tackle
    At the moment Gomarsall will be lucky to hold down a starting spot at Quins, Danny Care is on fire at the moment and will be in contention for full England honours in the next couple of years
    Balshaw was crap as usual there are better fullbacks in the premiership
  20. Its been a while since I've been at the Stoop, I don't think I have seen Danny play, must get round to going more often. Jarvis got any chance of moving upto the England first team?

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