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Combat Stress the veterans' mental health charity is holding two events in Glasgow and Edinburgh, come and join us


We are holding a series of ‘Coffee, Cake and Combat Stress’ fundraising events to raise awareness of our work and share how we support veterans in Scotland and we’d love you to come.

This is an awareness and fundraising information event where you’ll hear from a veteran, a member of our clinical team and a member of our fundraising team, sharing the different ways our work makes a difference to those veterans suffering from complex mental health issues such as PTSD.

Please come and join us for a hot drink, a slice of cake and to find out more about what we do and how you can help. If you have a colleague who might like to find out more, please get them to come along too.

The locations for these events are:

Glasgow 14th September 1pm start, finishing at 3.30pm
Glasgow 14th September 4pm start, finishing at 6.30
110 Queen Street, G1 3BX

Edinburgh 15th September 10am start, finishing at 12.30
58 Morrison Street, EH3 8BP

Would you like to find out more? Planning to come? Please email me at [email protected] or register your interest at


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