COMBAT STRESS T-SHIRTS- Auction.........

Raising a wee bit of cash for Combat Stress I have 5 of their shirts to sell off......

1 Small
1 Medium
2 Large
1 Extra Large

Make me an offer......

This is a timed auction and come Tuesday I'll be taking the best offers on the boards......

So Ladies and Gents..... Any takers?

Beebs x
1 Small
1 Medium Moody £20
1 Large Cutaway £20
1 Large Chalky £20
1 Extra Large the_matelot £30

Combat Stress, caring for the ex-service personel of the Army, Air Force, Royal and Merchant Navy for over 80 years.

Beebs x
1 Small Dale £20
1 Medium Moody £20
1 Large Chalky £30
1 Large Ting-Tong £25
1 Extra Large Fluffy Bunny £35

I was told you lot wouldn't bid and it was a waste of time even updating this thread.

I defended you. :D

Beebs x



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a natural emotional reaction to a deeply shocking and disturbing experience.
It is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

and on behalf of the 'inmates' of Hollybush House , I thank you all
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