Combat Stress Sponsorship


I received the message below from a friend who is ex Army, he is raising money for what I believe to be a good cause so if you have a few bob to spare please follow the llink.
I'm sending this out to ask for your help in raising money for the charity Combat Stress. Combat Stress was set up in 1919 to treat soldiers suffering from shell shock which some of the established medical world just branded as 'mad'. 90 years later the NHS still struggles to provide appropriate care for ex servicemen suffering from psychiatric injuries. There are cases of people being told they cant talk about their experiences as they would traumatise other members of the therapy group.

Combat Stress exclusively treats ex members of the armed forces including the Merchant Navy. Because of this patients know that counsellors and other patients share a similar background and experiences. They offer both residential treatment and home visits and have treated over 70,000 people to date. It is a fact that members of the British armed forces have been on active service somewhere in the world every year since the end of WW2. Combat Stress have treated veterans of every single one of these conflicts.

Now I don't expect you to just give me money, even though it is a good cause, I'm prepared to work for it.

Starting on The 28th of March I will be taking part in the Marathon des Sables. This is a 150 mile (240km) race over 7 days in which competitors have to carry all their own food and equipment for the week. If that wasn't hard enough it takes place in the Sahara Desert. Its known around the world as "The toughest foot race on Earth".