Combat Stress is who I've chosen

to raise funds for.

As you may know I got a place through the ballots for London Marathon 2010.

Therefore I was free to choose who ever I wanted to raise money for if I wanted to.

I've decided to do it for Combat Stress.

You can keep up with my training via this thread.

I would appreciate support and if anyone can afford to donate that too would be appreciated.

I am working really hard for the marathon. I've never done it before, I hate running.

Also I've decided I will be wearing my old bell bottoms, white front and cap to add to the novelty. I've lost alot of weight and now fit back in them :D

That will hopefully also help to spot me lol

I know many of you have already helped many other charities this year. It shows that the services like to help the others out. It's not until April so I am hoping by then some people can find some spare change somewhere.

Thanks for reading this :D
Sorry sweetie, I would give again but I have just donated £50 to Children in Need from the sale of my home made cards and cats :)

I will do another sale in the spring and you can have the proceeds of that

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