Combat Stress....A plea for help!


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OMG!I must admit i did think there was a certain finality to one of his posts.Its such a shame,and a waste of a life.I only wish someone could have done more for him.At least he went in a beautiful place.Hope he is now at Peace.Thanks Gunny.
When all is said an done, all we are is Men, men who have fought bloody wars, and who carry the scars of those wars around with us for years after, But thanks to the few who put aside their lifes to help those brothers and sister who are in pain and distress from what the have seen and done in the name of Peace.

If you had known jake before, you would have seen he was a wreck about to blow, his resolve was to go into a bottle, not to help, always was a stubborn S.O.B,

But now his days are done, and now may he rest in peace,

The latine for it goes,

In Pace Requiestium,

Semper fi


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Yeah but even stubborn SOB's deserve a decent dollop of help.In my time i have looked after a few PTSD sufferers,one sticks in mind and he was a US Naval Cook who had been a Helo pilot in the Vietnam War.He was flying into a hot LZ when the helo was hit by enemy fire and he saw his copilot dissapear in a cloud of bodily parts.He was also on board the US Battleship that shelled the middle east(cant remember the country) a while back in the 80's,he was the guy that pressed the fire button(so he told me)He was a real mess.I always wonder what happened to him after the US Shore Patrol picked him up from RNH Haslar.


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All i know was what i have told you he was Medevac'd to RNH haslar in the mid 80's just after the aforesaid shelling of ?Beirut by the New Jersey(i think)The US powers that be wanted him back but the MO of the Psychatric unit forbade it as he was too ill to be transferred.He was scared witless to be sent back to the US.I think his first name was Gary.Any more info i dont have,sorry.I only recall ever looking after 2 US Servicemen.The aforementioned guy and a young 21 year old USMC PFC that had a terminal lymphoma.i still have his cap he gave to me.So it might not be too hard to find a US seviceman Cook that was treated by us in uk.
Andy, i will do all i can for you to find this USN Cook,

As you say there cant be many pers that have been treated by the UK Services,

I should be able to get some info to you before i ship home on monday morn.

Will place a call to the Dept of Navy in D.C, have some buds in the puzzle palace who should be able to help.

Semper Fi Brother,
Hi Gunny,

I'm very sorry to hear of Jake's death, though I realised he was in a very bad way. It is a great pity something could not have been done.

Please let us know if there is any collection in his memory which we could donate to, perhaps via something like PayPal?


Lingyai said:
Fee Fye Fo Fum, I smell a wind up.


As i have already said in other places on this website,

Kiss my muther ******* ass,

A wind up, the only wind up will be when you wind in an shut your muther ******* yapp,

Anytime your in Pensocola Florida, your more than welcome to come and spend some time with the USMC, i am sure guys who were in the EODMU will make yo more than welcome for dissing one of their Brothers.

As for giving money, give to your own guys,

Lingyai, i bet if you crossed your legs and held your nose you could clear your head.

Your most likley a neddledick,



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Couple of questions
What was a septic tramp with a serious drink problem doing on the internet? seems like that’s the last place he would be? surely a proper drunk will hock any possessions he has to get a drink, yes?
He`s not going to waste boose money on computer equipment or even internet cafes.
Also people don`t get caste aside just because they have cancer, or travel the length of the country in a couple of days, perhaps he was a rich tramp. I dunno.

And more inportant, now that we know Lingy`s a “nettledick†should we make him have his own knife and fork?