Combat Chefs

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by whitemouse, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. New prog on Ch 5 tonite about cooks/chefs in Combat zones - brown jobs, but you never know it might be interesting ... ?? ;)
  2. Chefs wouldn't call them that cooks or food spoilers lol
  3. Send them out with a couple of those killer throwing rolls that are "freshly " made for breakfast. That should help the war effort along nicely! :thumright:
  4. Never you could put someones eye out with that
  5. "COOK", I'm a bloody Chef!!
    "Ok then mate Chef me an Egg then"

    Heard in Culdrose Galley many moons ago.
  6. The Aussie Navy calls them "Tucker fcukers" :w00t:
  7. "Combat Chef", does that mean they can beat you to death armed only with a pork chop?
  8. I've eat some food prepared by them which must have been through combat. No one else could get it in that state on purpose!!!!! COULD THEY????
  9. They are COOKS and COOKS they will always be with the exception of the senior person who can say that he or she is "Chef de Cuisine" or head of the kitchen/galley. Cook, Leading Cook, Petty Officer Cook, Chief Petty Officer Cook, it really should be obvious to them. Jumped up, self-agrandising, big heads that they are.

    It is almost as annoying as someone who knows how to open a toolbox claiming that they are an engineer; but don't get me started onthat one.
  10. This is sod all to do with the subject of cooks o.k. But R.N. Commandos mention of eyes being put out flashed up my memory banks. My mom god bless her had a fund of stories of lads who had an eye put out by,airguns, catapults, peashooters, bow and arrows, sticks and for some reason[that i never understood] ladders. NOW if my old mum was right, there should be a multitude of one eyed men in their late 60s knocking around. Anyone met them? Or was my old mum lying to me
  13. Who called the cook a cnut?

    Who called the cnut a chef?
  14., chips and curry sauce please.
  15. What's for scran chef :chef:

    Chicken wings,

    It's chicken, "Chief". :dance:
  16. I certainly found it interesting. Available on demand at The 'improvised cookery' reminds me of the Civil Defence exercising on the local common with makeshift stoves of odd bricks, mud, metal grid 'doormats' and corrugated iron during the 1950s.
  17. Thanks for the link N_G. :thumright:

    I was marooned by yet another London Underground fiasco last night and missed the lot.


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