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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dr_Acula, May 26, 2011.

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  1. I've been reading the pre-joining kit for BRNC as the idea of starting my career is all that's getting me through my exams :p

    Anyway, I've read that new recruits are issued with combat boots before you go down there, for you to break them in. It's just made curious as to how they go about doing this.

    If anyone could let me know, that'd be pretty cool :)
  2. ========================================


    :idea: Lend 'em to Monty for a Charidee Walk from Wherever-he-is-at-now to Culdrose.

    Besides breaking them in for you he'll be able to; sweat the noxious nasties out of his system, raise oodles of cash for a worthy cause and arrive triumphantly with a renewed sense of credibility.

    You'll have to be damned quick though as he has to be there in less than a week.......
  3. Boots, feet. What else can you do ?
  4. Ok, perhaps I phrased it a bit wrong lol. How do they go about giving the boots to you! Do they turn up on your doorstep, do you go down the AFCO, or buy them yourself and they re-emburse you?

    Obviously, breaking them in is something you have to do with your own feet :p
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  5. Yet another hand holding arse wiping request from some soft twat that one day wants to become a leader of men.
  6. Let me guess, you work for a living do you boss?

    Perhaps you should leave the mob and write lines for Hallmark cos you're ******* hilarious.
  7. Now now ladies. Handbags at 10 paces!!
  8. Yes I do work for a living, after 25 years in the RN as a CD, I'm now diving as a civvy, earning a fortune, thank you very much!!
    It wasn't my intention to be hilarious, it was merely a comment about your fucktardyness about breaking in a pair of ******* boots.....and one day you'll be expected to make life or death decisions, without the aid of google or the interweb....fuckin doubt sunshine.
    Take a hint and get get your CV off to're their kinda guy.
  9. I have corrected my ambiguously phrased initial post, clarifying that I asked instead how it is you retreive the boots, not how you break them in.

    I'm just interested (and slightly impatient) to find out how it is I will get these combat boots as it isn't mentioned on the RN website. I was just looking for a simple answer ie. 'They send them to you' or, 'You buy them and they give you the money back' but instead you chose to wage a war of words. It just isn't immediately obvious to me how they go about issuing them - does Adm Sir Mark Stanhope measure your feet personally? I haven't got a clue!

    Anyway, didn't you know? The first 6 weeks of IOT nowadays is spent learning how to use the 'Advanced Search' function on Google. You're out of touch with the RN!
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  10. Men or women?
  11. Loved my brown boots we got issued in the 70's b4 harry black steemers!
  12. Questions:

    1) Does the originator actually want the information he says he requires, from this forum?

    Or (just like all the other ball bags who come up with this kind of dross)

    2) Has he not gone to the AFCO or the various official sources of info because he wanted to start his own thread and tell us all how great he is, because he's going to be an Officer? (Daddy must be so proud.....yawn)

    I am sick of reading people's self-glorification disguised as requests for help. Stop wasting everybody's time because nobody cares.
  13. And you're not even in you civvy dullard.

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  14. Ok, I can see where your coming from. However, I use this website to get answers for questions of no great importance that would be a complete waste of time if they were directed at the AFCO (for instance, this question). I haven't wasted anyone's time, you're wasting your own time by replying to this thread in general!
    If you feel so strongly that your time is so important, then pass this thread by, by all means!
    I have no problem if I don't get an answer because I will find out eventually. I just thought I may as well ask as I'm quite excited to find out - I have no intention of showing off, if I did, I'd do it on a predominantly civillian website...

    FYI, the info on the RN site just says you are issued with boots before going to BRNC. I just wanted to know how they go about issuing you with them if you're not yet in the Navy! It's not as if you can just pop down to the storeroom at Nelson and pick them up. It was an innocent question, hardly a request for help.
  15. 'If your issued boots are not fitted correctly, do not attempt to break them in; you are to wait for reissue on joining BRNC.'

    Implies that you get them before joining BRNC. Correct me if I'm wrong - that's the way I read it!

    EDIT: Source - says it right at the bottom. It does say 'when you join up' at first, but then implies you get them before you go to BRNC. This is what confused me in the first place and hence this question!
    Last edited: May 27, 2011
  16. Ring AFCO?
  17. Ok, the reason I haven't phoned the AFCO is because I will be supplied with the relevant information when the time comes. However, I just felt as though I wanted to know now (becasue I'm impatient like that) and thought there'd be no harm in asking on here. **** me, I was very wrong. You live and you learn I guess...
  18. Yes. It's the first and last statement that I'm struggling with. Starts off saying 'when you join up' but then it says 'wait for reissue when you join up' at the end.

    I've probably over-complicated it. If joining up doesn't mean when you get to BRNC, what does it mean?

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