Combat boots.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Milasol, Sep 5, 2015.

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  1. hello. Would somebody be able to advise me please if the combat boots issued at Raleigh are currently brown or black please?
    Also what is the name of the version they issue of said boot?

    Thank you
  2. It depends on if you're male or female
  3. Ah I see, I'm a bloke, thank you .
  4. Everyone in my intake was issued brown as recently as June. That includes the females. Not sure if there has been any changes more recent than that however.
  5. Normally it's black for males and brown for females. But all you have to do is ask if you have a preference
  6. Thank you kindly for the insight. I join in three weeks, there was a shortage at the prnc so I was promised a pair would be sent to me. , alas it's not happened so il get the correct brown and black pair myself and break them in. Thank you once more
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  7. Is that the same for Hats Dapper?
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  8. I wouldn't - they're quite expensive - get hold of your AFCO and find out what has happen to your set.
  9. Careful buying your own boots, especially the brown ones. There are currently 10 different pairs of brown combat boots on general issue to the UK Armed Forces.

    The chances of you finding the correct ones on eBay are reasonably slim. You have a 9/10 chance of rocking up to Raleigh with different boots to all your oppos.

    This is a bad thing and will result in unpleasant things happening to you.

    Take your pick:

  10. Very many thanks to you all. Monday I shall call the AFCO.

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