Colours of HMS Vernon's original ship's badge

Discussion in 'History' started by Naval_Gazer, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Could someone provide the colours of Vernon's original ship's badge please? A colour picture would be even better. This is the best I have come up with so far:

    HMS Vernon Old Ship's Badge[/align]


  2. Virago, many thanks but I'm looking for the original badge, i.e. showing crossed torpedoes and a mine before they were replaced by a trident c.1955.
  3. Well busy as I am at work.............
    I was at Vernon 79-82 as a Tiff 1 (MEA) in the Motorboat/Outboard Motor Shop. As part of the junk/spoils from all the boxs therin! I have a badge now in my Garage/Workshop which I guessed at the time was an early type for the site, perhaps the site was sub divided? It shows crossed torpedoes only. It is a large brass badly painted badge in brass with two fitted brass studs. Torps are black, the background sky blue & edge gold. It is round 6'' plus I think with no crown on it. Perhaps it was cast on site? possibly fitted to the Torp school building at during the war? I can photograph it & email to you.
  4. Engines, please check PMs.
  5. NG as we both now know I would make a good Navigator/Lookout as I have had the badge for 27 odd years & it indeed has a mine in the centre, 'Mine........Lookout..........' BANG! No I did not unscrew it from the wall it was booty (befor the modern meaning for 'Shake your Booty'

    Pics sent.
  6. Thanks Engines, much looking forward to a chat offline sometime.
  7. Ah the good old days ... and now it's a case of "my naval establishment is now a trendy wine bar and restaurant complex". Shame really.

  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Visited the Gales' pub there a couple of years back one Sunday lunchtime with parents in tow - while we were waiting for meal to arrive my Dad got up, walked around, looked out the window and then announced that he was sure we were in the former CPOs mess and that we were sitting right where his cabin had been many years before!
  9. No matter what the circumstances - a matlot can always find his way back on board!!

  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Just as well the duty watch had been disbanded - being 40+ years adrift would have been eye-watering!
  11. My sister came into Gunwharf on one of the tall ships. She naturally arranged a meeting. Having had a look at the tower, we retired to The Custom House. As we walked in I told her I had been here, many, many times. She just looked at me and "You can't have. It's only just opened!"
    She had no idea that I had been the CGI there in the late 70s early 80s. The CH used to be the Main Admin block at Vernon.
  12. See here for more history and pictures of HMS Vernon and its transformation into Gunwharf Quays. The former Admin block, renamed the 'Old Customs House' pub, is described as Britain's oldest purpose-built office building. It is now owned by Fullers of London who bought Gales and closed down their brewery in Horndean on 27 Feb 2006 despite a vigorous campaign to save it.

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